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Big bulges are most of the time desirable, we’re talking about lumps of money about to break someone’s pants right? Here are the best memes.

The hottest big bulge memes for 2023

Big bulges are most of the time desirable, we’re talking about lumps of money about to break someone’s pants right? Anyway, we know what it’s also currently big for many of us is the holiday depression proper of this season. For that reason, we’ve brought you a list of memes to entertain you and cheer you up, however, if sadness persists please attend yourself with a professional.

It’s impressive how memes manage to be an essential part of our generation, no matter if you’re a millennial or centennial. The truth is memes have become daily aesthetic & political expressions, actually, is there anything more political than humor? That’s why we should always stay critical of the jokes we laugh at and be aware not to harm any vulnerable community or identity through laughs. 

Yet, humor can also affirm social ideas, like what having a big bulge means in this world, which is a 2023 feminist era is way complex. While many of us are trying to simply survive, this world won’t stop asking for bigger budgets each time in order to be wanted & valid. So, let’s take a laugh on that through these hot big bulge memes that with luck may manifest some of that energy in our real lives.


There’s one bulge we all die for

No matter which bodies or identities you’re attracted to, the bulge on someone’s pants coming from a wealthy wallet is something we all desire to call ours. 

Body parts are lethal weapons 

Remember that time when the iconic Julia Fox said men shouldn’t be allowed to have penises because they are weapons of mass destruction? This meme is frankly taking us back to that Ziwe interview, which if you haven’t watched we frankly recommend. 


Get ready for some interdimensional action 

If you ever feel a weird presence while you’re home alone, don’t get scared, remember there’s a long list of activities you can do to have fun. Ghosts, UFOs, and any other creature out of this world no longer have to be a source of fear.  

Do you think Bezos knows what this rocket looks like?

Maybe he does, again, citing our favorite contemporary philosopher Julia Fox “penises are weapons of massive destruction”. 

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