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We've had to say goodbye to too many great shows. Here are some of the cancelled shows on TV that ended this year.

Cancelled shows on TV: The ones we’re most disappointed in this year

It’s that time of year again – when everyone is anxiously awaiting the news on whether their favorite shows are coming back or fated for the axe. Some will rejoice and others will have to quietly wipe away a tear before looking for their next obsession.

We’re still waiting for the decisions on a number of shows, but others have already been announced and not all of the news has been great. These are the shows we’re most disappointed in having to say goodbye to.

Flirty Dancing

With all the trashy dating reality shows out there, Flirty Dancing stood out to us for its innocent nature. If you ever dreamt of pretending the world is a musical where everyone magically knows the choreography this was the show for you.

Couples who had never met were taught a two-person dance, then when it was time to meet they would dance together, in sync, as if living in a fairytale romance. The problem is that the US version, which was based on a British show of the same name, turned it into a competition – excavating the innocence with surgical precision.

If the show had been given a second season they would have had a chance to amend the changes they had made to the original show, and we could have been given an endearing show filled with endless meet-cutes to satisfy the inner romantic in all of us. But we shouldn’t have expected so much from Fox, a station notorious for making it as difficult as possible for their shows to be successful.

God Friended Me

We wrote a whole article on this cancellation because we were so disappointed with it. This show, while obviously not one of CBS’s hard hitters, was a light comedy which was not at all preachy despite its name’s implications.

The show at its heart is about helping others and finding the humanity in everyone, and surely the message of the show alone is enough to get it renewed for another season. Right now we could all use a reminder that people need to work together.

Almost Family

It’s possible we’re mostly sad to see this one fail because familiar faces Brittany Snow, Megalyn Echikunwoke, and Emily Osment starred in this Fox series.

The show’s premise is admittedly a bit strange, Julia (Brittany Snow) an only child, discovers her father who was a fertility doctor used his own genetic material in some of his work, and has thus fathered dozens of children. She then attempts to forge a relationship with two of her half-sisters.

The audience ratings give it a 4.7 out of 5 stars, so really it is a shame this show has been axed when it was clearly very well received by viewers. Fans found this show to have interesting questions they wanted answers to, as well as compelling characters.

Carol’s Second Act

This show admittedly seems to be CBS’s answer to The Rookie. This show premiered just one year after The Rookie did and has a similar premise. In Carol’s Second Act a title which didn’t do the show any favors, Carol Kenney (Patricia Heaton) has raised her kids and retired from teaching, so she decides to pursue her lifelong passion of becoming a doctor.

She is, of course, the oldest intern by quite a bit and this PG sitcom follows her trials and tribulations.

This show had a rough first season with approximately 50% positive reviews wherever you look, with the biggest complaint being the cheap humor and out of date storytelling style. But many shows take a season to find their footing and can go on to do great things – a story about it never being too late to follow your dreams had good potential.

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