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Anxious to do anything to get Ellen DeGeneres out of there? Here’s what we’ve found so far that could help push for 'The Ellen Show' to be canceled.

Want ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ to be cancelled? Here’s what to do

Numerous accusations have flared up concerning Ellen DeGenerous’s ability to be a good person. The verdict: she’s not one. In fact she’s been impressively mean to countless guests on her show and some of her former employees. Because of these overwhelming accounts, rumours have been circulating that The Ellen DeGeneres Show might be canceled. 

While these rumours are unfounded according to the network, Ellen’s viewership has plummeted, dropping 14% in the past month. We’re all hoping the show may get axed soon, but meanwhile we’re all wondering – why does Ellen still have the spotlight? 

We can think of many people who would be better in her place. Anxious to do anything to get Ellen DeGeneres out of there? Here’s what we’ve found so far that could help push for The Ellen Show to be canceled. 

Ellen Page show 

One person who we’d rather see on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, for example, is Ellen Page. She’s hands down the better Ellen. Not only is Ellen Page also gay, she’s actually nice to people. 

In fact, a petition has been circulating on trying to have Ellen Page replace Ellen DeGeneres on her own show. The petition only needs 15,000 signatures and it’s already pretty close to its goal. 

Many who have jumped on board with this movement have called DeGeneres a boomer, narcissist, & entitled millionaire. They’re not wrong – those signing have the right idea and it’s our job to hop on board. Will it really make a difference? Who knows! But who wouldn’t want more of Ellen Page over Ellen DeGeneres? Count us in. 

#RIPEllen trending

The “have ellen page host the ellen show” petition is not the only movement spreading that aims to tear DeGeneres down. The hashtag #RIPEllen started trending on Twitter and we’ll be honest – it’s a bit cruel but also hilarious. We’re grateful, of course, that DeGeneres is obviously still alive & well, but we do wish her career would reach its end. 

Clearly fabricated & facetious, #RIPEllen is often posted along with photos of celebrity lookalikes (pretty much anyone donning the Karren-eque haircut DeGeneres always has.) These photos include shots of Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch’s character from Glee), Katy Perry, & Lady Gaga. 

Despite the harshness of this hashtag, we support this harmless trend – in fact, we encourage it. Why? Let’s recount quickly what prompted these hateful jests online. Not only did DeGeneres compare self-isolating to prison while living in luxury at her California mansion, she also reportedly left her crew members in the dark about their schedules & paychecks during the coronavirus pandemic. 

YouTuber NikkieTutorials has also spoken up about how DeGeneres was “cold & distant” during her appearance on The Ellen Show. Not to mention, thousands of people on Twitter have recounted stories of their experience with DeGeneres and her exceedingly mean or uncomfortable conduct. 

Boycott The Ellen Show

The Ellen Show’s ratings hit an all-time low this season of 1.5 multiple weeks in a row. DeGeneres’ show has also lost viewership amid all this backlash – falling by 14%. We’re applauding those who stopped watching – hoping that her raging popularity will continue to sink.  

It may go without saying, but the best way to get Ellen canceled is to just stop watching her show. With minimal audience, a new season of The Ellen Show will be seemingly untenable. It’s really not a hard thing to do – her show is dry, the jokes recycled & predictable. We’ll go elsewhere for our laughs, thanks. 


Spread the news, the petition, the hashtag! Hopefully that will be enough to boot Ellen from her platform. In turn, her ability to bully guests and torment employees will end once and for all.  

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  • Does Ellen have anything to do with the sex trafficking ring /Wayfair?

    July 13, 2020
  • I’m lesbian & have NEVER cared for Ellen DEGENERATE’s dumbed-down humor (when she was a comic) or her fake personality. Her humor is not creative or intelligent…it’s stupid humor strategically done to seem cutesy, harmless. Her show’s games & pop-up-out-of-box scare are mean & borderline sadistic. She has never specifically promoted “biologically-born” female’s rights and caters to fake, pompous, bully gay men and transgenders. She encourages Transgender Male-to-females (MTFs) to compete against biologically-born females in sports & beauty pageants. MTFs cosmetically alter their body/appearance to be extreme-beautiful. MTFs still retain their long arms,long legs, larger heart/lung capacity & some men’s muscles plus a man’s testosterone-filled competitiveness mindset…all of that give them a competitive edge. It’s time to fire Ellen DEGENERATE.

    July 30, 2020
  • If the show not canceled with the regard that the people shes mean too due matter i will never watch one more show n probably wright off the network for there disregard n greed

    August 1, 2020
  • Take pompous Ellen off the air! She’s not funny or cute!! Even though I have never heard of Ellen Page, I would rather watch her! Her game show stinks too! She should be ashamed of how she has turned out. She doesn’t even seem to appreciate the blessings she has been given! My friends, all 7 of them, feel exactly the same way! We are all in agreement that she should retire to her “prison of a mansion” and get on her knees and ask for humility! She and Herr Trump should fall together into the hell they have created.

    August 1, 2020
  • This is nasty. You should be embarrassed and ashamed of being such a cruel person.

    August 2, 2020
  • “YouTuber NikkieTutorials has also spoken up about how DeGeneres was ‘cold & distant.'” Maybe Ellen was just having a bad day? Jesus! No one is allowed a break anymore. Sure, put Ellen Page on. You’ll find out she has bad days too. “Not only is she also gay”? So you are making a stance for her to have a tv talk show based on her sexual preference? That seems especially shallow and also a violation of workplace law. Would you want a hiring manager stating that a candidate was hired because “they are also straight” or “they are also black”? Lawsuit!

    Ellen is a hyper-successful woman in a demanding field. Things are going to fall through the cracks. But after reading the allegations I find them flimsy at best. I highly doubt anyone in her position would be able to do the amount of good that people are demanding of her. Lay off!

    August 10, 2020
  • Oops, Ellen page is no longer a woman.

    November 19, 2021

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