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Kevin T. Porter asked people for their stories about Ellen DeGeneres being mean, and 2,000 people replied. Here's just a few of the stories.

Is Ellen DeGeneres mean? These stories say a resounding “yes”

When Kevin T. Porter tweeted out looking for mean stories about Ellen DeGeneres, there’s no way he expected over 2,000 people to have stories. Yet, that’s exactly how many replies he got with stories about how Ellen was mean to them or people they know. 

It seems like the drama around Ellen is never ending, but if even half of those stories are true, it’s her own fault. She could’ve been a lot nicer to those around her instead of acting like a stuck up diva at age 60. So here’s another collection of people who walked away from The Ellen Show with less than happy experiences.

No Christmas for you

Nick Wiger alleged that the Christmas spirit was not on The Ellen Show set when he left to get his first real writer job. “Instead of ‘Congrats!’, was told to give their Christmas gift back.”

Kevin T. Porter asked people for their stories about Ellen DeGeneres being mean, and 2,000 people replied. Here's just a few of the stories.

Taking credit for hard work

In a tweet, user @splankatang claimed her cousin designed these sequin portraits of both Ellen and Oprah, and shipped them from Singapore to the US, just for Ellen to give Oprah hers saying Ellen made it herself. 

Ignoring her hired help

Ricky Price argues that he helped Ellen renovate a house she bought, but was completely ignored and straight up mocked by her at moments when trying to get her input. 

All over chipped nail polish

Chris Farah nearly lost her job at Real Food Daily thanks to Ellen, all over unkempt nails. She served Ellen and Portia, and after brunch Ellen wrote a letter to her manager ripping Chris apart for her nails. 

Wish kids not invited

There were several versions of this in the thread, but the gist we got was those kids who made their Wish to meet Ellen didn’t get to meet her. Either they were completely denied, or were allowed to attend the show but Ellen didn’t do anything special. 

Not even a hello

In the two years user @nude_eel’s sister worked for Ellen, she couldn’t even get a smile back, let alone a hello. What kind of environment is that? 

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  • I think all of this article is fake,it was written to keep Ellen’s name out so she wasn’t forgotten.

    July 13, 2020
  • I got a couple of messages telling me I won big prizes from Ellen! So she wanted 500$ to pay FedEx to deliver my prizes! Wow, I don’t have money for that. I feel like it’s making fun of me because I’m poor. Not very nice, yes she’s mean. Not a fan anymore 😢

    July 15, 2020
  • Ellen DeGeneres show should be cancel come on she has been in her house hosting her show but her employees didn’t get paid she is a lier her show is false fake oh be good to everyone really she dont know the word good she gives people money on the show to who she wants to she dont help the ones who actually need it from all the comitt and people who been on her show and staff said she is the mean you I never met her and really don’t want to meet someone who is that mean to her crew she makes enough money she could have paid them some have children and she is sitting in her house acting like she is quarantined lier get rid of her not just her show fier her butt never let her host anything again

    July 30, 2020

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