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BTS member Jungkook held a VLive stream and performed plenty of covers and BTS hits! Take a look how ARMY reacted on Twitter due to the surprise show.

Jungkook sings on VLive: Here are BTS ARMY’s best Twitter reactions

BTS’s Jeon Jungkook started a livestream on the South Korean streaming app VLive and let’s just say the ARMY definitely lost their minds! Jungkook went live at nearly 1 AM in South Korea and only the early risers in the U.S. were able to catch the stream just in time. The singer chatted with fans and even held a mini concert in his hour-long livestream. 

The BTS member’s livestream garnered over 11 million viewers, 31.2 million comments, and 1 billion likes.  Take a look at all the hit songs Jungkook covered as well as the absolutely hysterical Twitter reactions from the ARMY!

Jungkook performs on VLive

The youngest BTS member took to VLive for a late-night livestream perhaps because it would be the most reasonable time for international fans to tune in to the live show. He sweetly titled the livestream “Jungkookie” to notify fans that he was doing a solo stream. 

After kindly greeting the fans and replying to comments, Jungkook began to take song recommendations. The K-pop icon began the show with a few Justin Bieber covers including the tracks “Peaches”, “Stay”, and “Hold On”. Afterward, the singer performed a groovy cover of Bruno Mars’ “Leave the Door Open”.

Fans couldn’t help but show their love for the BTS member in the comment section filled with heart emojis and various flags representing ARMYs from all over the world. After performing numerous covers, Jungkook began taking requests for BTS songs which only had fans going even crazier.

He performed some of BTS’s most popular tracks such as “Idol”, “Bapsae”, “Dope”, “So What”, and even his solo song “Euphoria”. Not only did he sing the songs, but Jungkook also cheerfully performed the choreography while in his pajamas.

ARMY hilariously reacts on Twitter

Clearly, this random live event shook all of social media, especially Twitter. Jungkook became trending at number one worldwide even after the livestream ended. Usually, BTS livestream concerts require fans to pay for a ticket. However, Jungkook decided to gift the fans with an hour-long free solo concert and ARMY couldn’t be any more grateful and in love with the BTS singer. That’s why one ARMY tweeted:

When Jungkook performed a heartfelt cover of “As Always (그렇게)”, fans couldn’t help feeling like they were personally being serenaded by the K-pop heartthrob. One ARMY pointed out how Jungkook sweetly referred to the fans during the love song.

Meanwhile, some fans couldn’t move on even after the livestream ended. One hour just isn’t enough for ARMY who misses BTS’s hours-long in-person concerts. Just as “post-concert depression” hits hard, we’re certain that “post-Jungkook livestream” hits even harder.

Then, there are the ARMY Twitter users that can’t help but flaunt that they woke up in time to watch the viral live BTS show. While there were millions who luckily tuned in, Twitter is also filled with those unfortunate ARMY who missed out. 

Jungkook’s VLive stream came after various other members had gone live just days prior. RM, Suga, J-Hope, and V had all held livestreams in the past week. While some members held a “mukbang” eating show, some just chatted with the fans. Now, the ARMY is wondering what’s taking BTS members Jin and Jimin so long to hold a livestream.

Hopefully, Jin and Jimin will hold a livestream soon because fans can’t seem to recover from Jungkook’s mini concert! Did you catch Jungkook’s surprise VLive stream in time? What BTS songs did you want the singer to perform? Let us know in the comments below!

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