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Is Suga your favorite member of BTS? Here are some of Suga's hit singles made with musicians outside of BTS.

Need more Suga? All the non-BTS songs he has worked on

It’s a rule of every group that you have to have a favorite. This is definitely true for BTS. You can love all the boys equally, but some folks are just drawn to a particular member more than the others. Maybe you’re drawn to Suga. While RM is the main rapper of BTS, Suga is also known for getting slick and amazing with those rap lyrics in BTS songs. 

Outside of BTS, Suga is also a pretty in-demand rapper himself. He’s collaborated with several arts in the K-pop and American music scene. So if you’re curious about some of Suga’s non BTS related work, then here are a couple of songs that the rapper has appeared on outside of the group. After all, when you’ve listened to all the BTS music out there, you need to find more. 

“Suga’s Interlude” with Halsey

Halsey and BTS have a well-documented friendship over the years. They definitely raised this American artist’s profile with the song “Boys with Luv” in 2019. Naturally, of course, this led to more collaboration between members of the group and Halsey as well. Also in 2019, Halsey released the album Manic. Which is really good and features other collabs with artists like Alanis Morissette.

Sugar’s Interlude” is the 13th song on the album. It was co-written between Suga, Halsey, and the Norweigan artist Lido. The lyric video, which you can watch above, has about a million-and-a-half views on YouTube. 

“Eight” with IU

For those not entrenched in the K-pop scene, IU is singer-songwriter and actress. She’s appeared in the Netflix anthology series Persona, the fantasy K-drama Hotel del Luna, and recently released music for the popular K-drama Crash Landing on You. The digital single that she released with Suga “Eight” dropped back in May 2020, which sees IU looking back on her life at the age of 28. (Suga is also the same age.)

The style has been compared to the works of Avicii, Zedd, and Alessia Cara. So if that sounds like something right up your alley, then definitely check it out. Suga, in addition to being the featured vocalist in the song, also helped write it with IU. He also served as the producer on “Eight” as well. 

“Blueberry Eyes” with MAX

This one is Suga’s latest collaboration! The song is with Max Schneider, known professionally as MAX, and is on MAX’s recently released album, Colour Vision. The music video for “Blueberry Eyes” was released back in September and has netted 16 million views since then. Behold the power of Suga and BTS. Previously, the two collaborated on Suga’s mixtape, released under Agust D, on a song called “Burn It”.

MAX said on how he got Suga on “Blueberry Eyes”, “I just sent him the whole album. I basically said, ‘Here’s all the songs, you tell me what you want to be on, and I’ll make it work. I’m grateful to have you on any song.’ And he liked ‘Blueberry Eyes.’ I’d already written the song, so I think that probably helped the message, because it was very clear that there was a sweet, loving, dream world to it.”

There’s a nod to Suga in the music video as well. His verse of the song is played over the quarantine wedding of MAX and his wife, Emily. More importantly, it’s played over the cat, which fans say Suga resembles. “Of course, we threw a little cat in there to make it feel like Yoongi was part of it, because unfortunately he couldn’t be in the video.” 

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  • He also produced WINE ft. Suran back in 2017.

    October 10, 2020
  • Suga is one my fav. All of them are my fav. Suga so talented. Quiet, humble and cute. Stay sweet as you are. Just stick to BTS. Enjoy being young. Love life to the fullest. Someday all of will become oppa. Congrats!

    October 10, 2020
  • Sugaaaa😭

    November 6, 2020
  • Suga fighting

    November 6, 2020

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