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Boys Over Flowers has the world hooked on its romantic saga. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we cherish the best manga moments.

Want more ‘Boys Over Flowers’? Discover the best manga moments

Korean culture has spread worldwide thanks to the streaming services we all love & appreciate today; K-drama Boys Over Flowers was one of the first Korean media productions to lead the Hallyu wave to the West.

In 2009, the K-drama world was taken over by Boys Over Flowers, a show based on the 90s manga that took a look at the high school world and gave the genre new life. Boys Over Flowers quickly became one of the first K-dramas to gain international acclaim. Focused on Geum Jan-di & the rich group of boys F4, Boys Over Flowers still remains one of the best Korean dramas for newcomers to enjoy. 

If you crave more Boys Over Flowers content, let’s take a look at some of the best moments from the manga that started it all to see why the world is so hooked on the romantic saga. 

Boys Over Flowers was a manga produced between October 1992 & September 2003; it contains thirty-six standalone volumes with an epilogue (issue #37) that came out in 2008. Although character names differ between the K-drama & manga, their personalities remain the same; thus, you’ll know immediately who’s who. 


From friend betrayals to memory loss, Boys Over Flowers doesn’t disappoint when it comes to scandals. All thirty-seven volumes contain enough tension & emotion to keep you coming back for more. (They’ve succeeded as we’re writing about the manga more than twenty years later!)

For those of you familiar with the Boys Over Flowers manga, let’s take a trip down memory lane together; however, if you’re interested in reading the manga turn back now, because there’s a long road of spoilers ahead. 

Setting the stage

In the beginning of the manga, protagonist Manika introduces herself and adds, “I don’t think there’s a high schooler in the world more disappointed with life.” This phrase reveals the dark journey Manika will overcome as she navigates her new elite high school filled with bullies. 

The series is appreciated for its honest depiction of the psychological impact of bullying. Boys Over Flowers reveals how high school is more than just academics; it’s a life full of obstacles one must overcome. 

Memorable moments

Unexpected encounters tend to be some of the greatest moments in one’s life – especially if it involves love. Watching or reading a romantic ending about a couple getting married & celebrating their love is nice. However, the sweetest moment to watch is how the two met in the first place, which is hilarious as the first meeting is usually awkward.

New to elite Shinhwa High School, Makino has a hard time warming up to her classmates – especially F4, a powerful group of boys who practically run the school. The way Makino stands up to F4’s leader Domyoji sets the stage for the Boys Over Flowers manga. In fact, Makino spills dirt all over Domyoji’s pants the first time they meet each other. (It’s safe to say she didn’t give off a great first impression.)

Although Domyoji is furious about the incident, his best friend Rui comes over and helps Makino clean up her bin with the dirt and sends her on her merry way. Rui is a sensitive member of F4 who stands apart from the others. Rui’s act of kindness sparks Makino’s heart and she develops a crush on him.

Unexpected love

Thinking back to our high school days makes most of us cringe. From braces to puberty, it wasn’t exactly the best of times – not to mention the awkwardness of dealing with love for the first time. Makino gets picked on by her classmates for having feelings for Rui. They tell her Rui has feelings for someone else and show her a photo of the girl Rui is actually in love with. High school girls are the worst.

Domyoji sees what’s happening and steps in to save Makino by calling out the girls for their mean behavior. According to Domyoji, he’s the only one who can bully Maliko. (Like the saying goes, if they’re mean to you, it’s because they like you.) In fact, Domyoji has gone from picking on Makino to trying to woo her.

In one instance, the two ride the same elevator together where they get to know each other a little. They almost share a kiss, implying they could become a couple. 

The Boys Over Flowers manga is packed with drama we love. What do you think about the manga? Let us know in the comments! 

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