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'Bob's Burgers' is getting its own long awaited movie. Dive into the recently released details and celebrate with the show's best characters.

‘Bob’s Burgers’: Will these hilarious characters appear in the new movie?

Yes, you read right – there’s a Bob’s Burgers movie on the way (say what?). The massively successful cult cartoon has made the big time with a feature film in the works. As “adult animation” giants like The Simpsons & Family Guy continue to fade into the background, Bob’s Burgers joins Rick and Morty at the head of the cartoon locomotive barreling toward eternal cult Valhalla.

Bob’s Burgers has developed a huge fan base since the show first dropped on fans back in 2011. Yikes, that means Bob’s Burgers has been around for a decade already, and the release of the show’s first movie will be a landmark moment for its success. So what is the story with the new Bob’s Burgers movie, and which characters will appear in the film? Here’s what we found.


All the Bob’s Burgers news comes from the show’s panel at Comic Con this past Sunday. Deadline reported show creator Loren Bouchard told fans a movie is on the way during the massive convention. 

Bouchard is quoted saying, “My every waking moment is spent on the movie and it’s coming. They have to put it out . . . we’re going to be in theaters – that’s my pledge. I think really soon, we’re going to start releasing trailers, art, clips, all the little things that are such a pleasure for us to release into the world”.

Unfortunately for fans, Bouchard didn’t have a release date for the new Bob’s Burgers movie. Reports say the film was ordered way back in 2017, so fans have been waiting for the film to drop for some time now. 

With such a build up for the movie, fans are wondering if the Bob’s Burgers movie is going to deliver with some of the show’s most beloved characters. While Bouchard didn’t give any definitive answers during the weekend’s panel, we were able to pick some guesses of our own for the new movie.

Bob Belcher

Okay, so how could there be a Bob’s Burgers movie without Bob himself? We don’t think Bouchard would dare disappoint fans with some sort of spinoff movie without one of the show’s most beloved main characters.

Furthermore, during the panel, reports say Bouchard said the team behind the movie will “leave no stone unturned”. This seems to say not only will the movie include all the show’s main characters, but also the film will reward fans with the cutty side characters only cult stans will remember. So who else can we expect in the upcoming flick?

Tina Belcher

Anyone who has even cursory knowledge of Bob’s Burgers knows Tina Belcher is one of the show’s most celebrated characters. Tina is plastered on everything from iPhone cases to cute socks, and everyone loves to catch a glimpse of the butt-obsessed teen daughter of titular Bob.

We think Tina will be in the movie because she’s well-loved, but Bouchard also gave us a clue which might mean the movie will be Tina-centric. The creator described the movie as “musical, comedy, mystery, adventure and a kind of coming-of-age story”. We think this last bit might mean the story will revolve around Tina. We know any of Bob’s kids could learn a thing or two about growing up, but we think Tina is the clear star.

For now, all we know about the upcoming Bob’s Burgers movie is the show’s creator says “it will be the best movie [the producers] could possibly make”. We’ve waited this long for the movie, what’s another few months?

Who’s your favorite character from Bob’s Burgers? Let us know in the comments below!

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