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Today's rocket launch of Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin has many people thinking of 'Austin Powers'. Laugh at the best jokes on Twitter.

Why is today’s rocket launch reminding Twitter of ‘Austin Powers’?

Jeff Bezos is heading off to space today. Good for him? We guess. Though if he was hoping to be the first billionaire, then we think Richard Branson has him beat. Either way, everyone saw the rocket launch. And, uh, look, we don’t know how to say this, but the rocket looked like a penis. Naturally, the internet had millions of jokes and thoughts about such a thing.

We even had the requisite Austin Powers jokes. In The Spy Who Shagged Me, Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) releases a rocket that looks like, well, like Jeff Bezos’s rocket. Naturally, the jokes were plentiful. So let’s see if Twitter can top that classic scene with their comments on today’s rocket launch.


First up!

A side-by-side comparison.


Hm . . . 

You have to wonder about any radar images.


Now we can’t unsee it!

Is Jeff Bezos slowly becoming Dr. Evil? 


It’s not just The Simpsons anymore

Maybe Austin Powers was predicting the future as well.



Did no one designing this saw it? 


A comparison of today’s rocket launch

Richard Branson was backed by The Simpsons! 



We sincerely hope that someone is going to remake that joke with this rocket.


We’ve all regressed

We’re all five years old today.


The future of cosplay

Rocket cosplay! 


Mwah! Goodnight, everybody! 

Put them together and the prophecy is complete.

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