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Will BLACKPINK band member Jisoo be the next K-drama idol? Find out the details about the new drama that will feature the K-pop star in a leading role.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo gets her first K-drama role: Everything to know

BLACKPINK member Jisoo is set to star in her very first lead role in a Korean drama. Jisoo is primarily known for being part of one of South Korea’s most popular K-pop girl bands. However, Jisoo has dabbled in acting in the past and is now ready for her time in the drama spotlight. 

YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s management company, confirmed the news that Jisoo would be appearing in a new drama titled Snowdrop. The drama is scheduled to be released on the South Korean Network JTBC. 

Along with appearing in Snowdrop, other exciting things are happening for Jisoo, as well as her bandmates. Three members of BLACKPINK are expected to release their solo tracks hopefully later this year. Check out the exciting details of Jisoo’s drama role and her upcoming solo track. 

From singing to acting 

Before being cast in Snowdrop, Jisoo appeared on several television shows, though always in a cameo role. Jisoo was featured on The Producers & Part-Time Idols. In 2019, Jisoo snagged a cameo role in Netflix’s Arthdal Chronicles where she portrayed Sae Na-rae, the first love of Sa Ya, played by actor Song Jong Ki. 

Snowdrop is set to be written by Yoo Hyun Mi and directed by Jo Hyun Tak. Both Yoo Hyun Mi & Jo Hyun Tak worked to create the immensely popular K-drama series SKY Castle which became the second highest-rated Korean drama in history. It was reported in July that actress Kim Hye Joon, who starred in SKY Castle, was offered a role in Snowdrop though it was never confirmed if she joined the cast. 

Anticipated releases

It’s exciting for fans to see Jisoo step outside of her role as a K-pop star, especially since the twenty-five year old only debuted with BLACKPINK in 2016. BLACKPINK’s first full-length album, titled The Album, is also scheduled to premiere on October 2. 

The band has already released their first single from the album “How You Like That”, which was a massive hit, and will release another single on August 28. The upcoming single is highly anticipated as it was recently revealed that Selena Gomez is the mystery collaborator featured with BLACKPINK on the track. 

Jisoo will soon be heard on her own solo single after YG Entertainment confirmed the news of the band’s solos. Band member Jennie already released her own single called “Solo” in November 2018. All three singles will not be released until after The Album goes live in October. 

BLACKPINK member Rosé has had her solo in the works for over a year and Lisa’s solo is nearly prepped. The BLACKPINK solo for Jisoo is still in the works. YG Entertainment released a statement, saying, “We ask for your understanding on taking more time than expected, since we were planning to release multiple songs in an album format, rather than releasing a digital single.” 

A hard road to success 

Fans of Jisoo were worried when in April it appeared as though Jisoo had retired from acting as she was no longer listed on YG Entertainment’s acting label. Fortunately, that turns out not to be the case due to the recent casting announcement. 

Jisoo has had a massive impact since her start in BLACKPINK, quickly becoming an icon in style & fashion. Despite her success, the K-pop star has shared in her own struggles which she opened up about in an interview with Elle Korea in 2019. 

Jisoo mused, “I think that it’s because of the tough times I endured alone that I was able to become this strong now. Even now, I don’t really like talking about my struggles. When other people think of me, I want them to always be smiling.”

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  • I am so excited! I can’t wait for jisoo’s solo and kdrama snowdrop,just thinking of it gives me goosebumps!

    August 23, 2020
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    December 29, 2020
  • I really did not want Jungkook to have a dream girlfriend I just ugghhhhhhh!🤦🏽‍♀️

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