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Dedicated fans of NBC's 'The Blacklist', you may want to advert your ears to this sad news. Just who's leaving the hit show? Learn about it here.

Who’s leaving the ‘Blacklist’ on NBC? Get the latest cast news

The Blacklist is lighting up headlines today as news of the show’s cast is spreading among fans ahead of the show’s ninth season. NBC has a plethora of crime shows which many aren’t aware of, but these shows have widespread followings, and when a change is made, you can be sure the people behind the series will hear fans’ reactions.

The latest Blacklist news comes from the show’s upcoming ninth season, and rumors of some major changes coming to the show. Fans have been following the Blacklist cast since the show’s beginning almost a decade ago, but according to reports lighting up the web this week, some of the show’s most beloved cast members will be leaving before next season. Here’s what we found.

Losing a main

Deadline reported yesterday on the changes coming to The Blacklist and its cast, saying the show will lose one of its most celebrated main characters. The shocking development in the NBC series comes after the show was renewed for its ninth season back in January 2021.

The Blacklist launched its eighth season on NBC back in November 2020, and the show has run consistently into June. 

The eighth season has just a few episodes left, and fans are wondering if they’re going to see one of their beloved main characters exit in the season’s final episodes, even before the ninth season release date has been dropped. Let’s take a look back at The Blacklist’s run on NBC to see who might be leaving next season.

Blacklist background

The Blacklist dropped on NBC back in November 2013, and ever since has brought audiences a break-neck crime show with a unique premise. The show follows Red Reddington, a former US Naval Intelligence officer who turns criminal, then gets caught by the FBI. 

He surrenders to FBI Assistant Director Harold Cooper, saying he’ll tell Cooper about other criminals he’s met since leaving Naval Intelligence, most of whom the FBI have no idea about.

The only condition Reddington gives Cooper is that he must get immunity and only work with FBI rookie Elizabeth Keen. Throughout the show, we get to learn the mysteries tying the main characters together, as Keen grows up to be anything but a naive rookie. With these big three in the show’s main setup, we can only imagine we’ll lose one of them in season nine. So who’s leaving The Blacklist on NBC next season?

Liz is leaving

Bad news for Liz Keen fans – Megan Boone, who plays Keen on The Blacklist is leaving the show ahead of its ninth season. Reports say the decision to have Boone exit was made long before the show even announced its ninth season back in January. 

The writers behind The Blacklist managed to develop Keen’s arc in such a way that she would be leaving the show by the end of its eighth season. She’s said to say goodbye to fans in the season 8 finale after an eight-year run on the show. It’s said the decision for Boone to leave was a mutual one between her and those at NBC. 

Boone didn’t appear in eight episodes during The Blacklist’s recent season, which was the first sign to fans saying the actress might not be picking up her main role in the series’ next season. With Boone gone in season 9, only James Spader, Diego Klattenhoff and Harry Lennix will remain as original cast members who have stayed on since The Blacklist season 1.

Will you tune into The Blacklist season 9, or does no Boone mean you’re a no-show? Sound off in the comments below! 

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