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Jeff Bezos has announced he's stepping down as CEO of Amazon. Here are all the best memes Twitter has to offer.

Jeff Bezos is stepping down from Amazon: The best memes

Jeff Bezos – it’s hard not to know who he is. He was once the richest man in the world (now he’s the second richest behind Elon Musk) and he’s the CEO of Amazon, the company that delivers almost anything next day, the company that created the voice-activated smart home device Alexa, and much more.

Today, Jeff Bezos announced he would be stepping down from his position as CEO of Amazon. Considering how much money he makes from being top-dog at Amazon, many people were surprised. Others immediately started cracking jokes.

We here at Film Daily love a good meme, so we immediately started to look for the best memes Twitter had to offer regarding Jeff Bezos’s apparent retirement from Amazon.

Super villain

A lot of people have pointed out that Jeff Bezos looks rather similar to Lex Luthor, and his position at the head of a massive tech company really doesn’t help matters.

Plus, when the linked video was first released a lot of people couldn’t help but feel like Bezos’s laugh has a definite super villain quality to it. Not only was a Lex Luthor joke inevitable, Twitter was absolutely overflowing with them.

Taking a break

Amazon is notorious for working its employees relentlessly, so we snickered at this joke.

More time with loved ones

Often, when we see big names stepping back from the projects or companies they’re known for, they feed the media the line of “wanting to spend more time with loved ones”.

Bezos didn’t say that, but maybe that’s because his loved ones are all of his dollar bills.

Not a favorite

Bezos isn’t the most loved guy in the world, but you’d be lying if you said you wouldn’t take his job (and the pay) in a heartbeat if you could.

Delivery jokes

Amazon packages have a bit of a tendency to come in boxes three times the necessary size – it seems only natural & right that Jeff Bezos would deliver his resignation in the same fashion.

Oh no, a pun

Amazon Prime – the subscription service that gets you next day delivery and access to a streaming service that usually still wants to charge you for each individual movie.

His earnings in perspective

Jeff Bezos is incredibly rich, everyone understands this. But fathoming how rich is hard to grasp. This little TikTok video explains it and makes it clear that he doesn’t need to remain on the Amazon board, he wants to.

It’s the little things

The little things can make or break a company, apparently Bezos understands this deeply. 😂

Wait – what??

We promised ourselves that we’d only include one Lex Luthor joke because it would get old quickly, but we legitimately didn’t realize these weren’t all pictures of Bezos.

Two of those images are of Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns, and no we won’t tell you which ones.

Memes giving you the news

These days it isn’t unusual to learn about breaking news from a meme, but boy does it give you mental whiplash every time.

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