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Amazon has unveiled the Firestick Lite for its Amazon Fire TV service. Take a look at everything you need to know about the new Amazon device.

Amazon Firestick Lite: All You Need To Know Right Now

If you are dreaming of enjoying web series without shelling out a huge sum, amazon fire stick is your perfect partner. You just need to plug it into your TV’s HDMI port, connect it to your wifi network, and voila! 

You are ready to stream all the OTT platforms with subscriptions. Apart from that, the firestick comes with numerous benefits like playing games, setting up a smart home, and screencasting your mobile.

If you minutely look at the features, you will feel that it is a giant mobile phone. An easy to navigate remotely coiled with efficient voice search makes it a must-have gadget. It is easier for older people too who otherwise feel uncomfortable with new-age gadgets. 

Recently Amazon launched firestick lite, an updated version of firestick. The upgrade was long overdue so you don’t have to deal with Firestick overheating anymore. Let us have a look at the main features of amazon firestick lite and how it differs from its original model:

1.Processor: The new amazon firestick lite comes with a 1.7GHz quad-core processor. It also comes with dual-band, dual antennae that are compatible with 5GHz wifi routers. This promises to deliver a seamless viewing experience along with faster downloads. 

Also, the faster processor allows better voice search. In many voice-enabled remotes, there is a delayed response from the servers but, with a better processor, amazon firestick lite gets rid of all those issues. Here, we must mention that the previous amazon fire stick 3rd gen model too did not face any lag with voice searches. 

2. Video quality: Amazon firestick lite promises you to deliver 60fps playback and HDR picture. While the firestick definitely is a good addition if you already have a 4K resolution TV, it will not do much to the poor resolution TVs.

3. Minimalist remote design: Amazon fire stick has always boasted of a minimal remote design. Even with the original firestick remotes, you had less than 10 buttons. A voice search button practically does most of the functions for you. In the new remote, a major drawback is the lack of a volume control button. Otherwise, it is an efficient one.

4. Apps: As it is an Amazon product, it is obvious that amazon prime is the dominating app. You can download other apps as well that are available on the Amazon app store. Some channels or OTT platforms are yet to strike a deal. For viewing them, you may need to jailbreak the firestick. Read this guide to know more about jailbreaking. 

A minor limiting factor is that the remote does not come with shortcuts. It was available in the previous versions.

The verdict

If we compare amazon fire stick lite with the original model, the older one surprisingly fares better. The older one comes with voice control buttons, app shortcuts, and has the same sleek black design. 

If you are looking for a faster processor, the lite version may be your pick but the older one isn’t slow either. We feel that if you are deciding on making an investment, you better stick to the older version.

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