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There's plenty of magical movies to check out on the Disney Plus streaming service. Care to learn our favorite movies? How about the best? Let's go!

What’s the best movie on Disney Plus? Duke it out with us here!

Streaming services are picking their battles these days amid the ongoing streaming wars, and Disney Plus is sticking to their guns. The service has drawn in fans with some sure things – the entire Simpsons catalogue, viral shows like The Mandalorian, and the coveted Disney vault have left fans no choice but to sign up for the service.

At the same time, Disney Plus has also joined its fellow streaming giants in snatching up movies to draw in any stray viewers able to resist the allure of its most attractive bait. Classic Disney movies are hard to compare as best or worst, as so many of us are wrapped up in the nostalgia associated with the movies we grew up with. 

However, these films only amount to a section of the service’s many flicks. So what’s the best movie on Disney Plus? Prepare for some scalding hot takes with our selections.

10 Things I Hate About You

We’re going to try to stay away from Disney classics, and with that said, 10 Things I Hate About You just may be the best movie on Disney Plus. 

The modern take (although now a late 90s time capsule) on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew brought audiences Heath Ledger in his breakout role, along with a teen dramedy transcending its genre boundaries.

10 Things I Hate About You follows the classic teen drama blueprint of dating for dough ala She’s All That & Can’t Buy Me Love, but with a charm & sincerity seldom seen in these movies. The perfect soundtrack, hilarious dialogue, and gripping performances from its stars has made 10 Things last the test of time, and we have no doubt the film will only continue to age like a fine wine. Not Disney canon, but way better than Cars

D2: The Mighty Ducks

Okay, so we’re dipping a bit into childhood gems here, but it’s hard not to do when sifting through the Disney Plus catalog.

Disney Plus doesn’t have a single R-rated movie on its docket, so we’re grasping for straws considering films with substance, but The Mighty Ducks series manages to create real emotive drama in family-friendly bounds.

D2 is probably better than The Mighty Ducks, coupling its new cast of characters with greater emotional weight in issues like Coach Bombay’s ego struggle & Adam Bank’s bench-placing injury. From Bombay’s monologue about his father to the Queen-laden ending credits, there are plenty of tear-jerking moments in D2, one of the best movies on Disney Plus.

Home Alone

Home Alone is an absolute classic, and one of the films closest to millennials’ hearts around the globe. Is Home Alone the best movie on Disney Plus? Maybe. The movie gets at least one watch each year by most millennials, and we’d bet nearly every Disney Plus subscriber queues the film up around Christmas time.

What makes Home Alone so special? The comedic performances by Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern have become full-fledged iconic over time, while the combo of legends Chris Columbus & John Hughes as director & writer respectively didn’t hurt the film, either. 

Tack on a score by John Williams, and it’s a surprise anyone thought Home Alone wouldn’t be a home run. After Home Alone dropped in 1990, Christmas would never be the same again. 

The Lion King

Okay, we’ll give some time to a Disney classic, only because The Lion King might be the best movie on Disney Plus, and is perhaps the best Disney movie ever made. During Disney’s animated renaissance in the early 90s, the company peaked with The Lion King in 1994, and many would argue it hasn’t reached such heights since.

The Lion King draws from some of history’s most famous stories like biblical tales & Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and the combination with contemporary ideologies & thrilling cinematic advancements create something special & lasting.

We could harp on the cast’s brilliant performances, the film’s breathtaking animated landscapes, or the epic soundtrack which has been burned into pop culture forever, but we know you’ve seen The Lion King a couple dozen times, haven’t you? Simba might not lead the best movie on Disney Plus, but we say The Lion King is the closest thing to the best Disney movie on Disney Plus.

Infuriated with our affinity for 90s classics? Set us straight and drop the best movie on Disney Plus in the comments below! 

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