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COVID babies are starting to pop up everywhere! But are you aware of some of the most popular odd baby names out there? Here's the official list.

What weird baby names are popular in 2021? Peek at the crazy list now

Well folks, it does appear as if we’re finally hitting that much anticipated time, where COVID-19 babies around the world are finally being born thanks to a slew of quarantine hookups. Seriously though . . . what else were people supposed to do with all that free time? You can only make sourdough starters and watch Pixar’s Onward so many times.  

With 2020 and perhaps even 2021 given current evidence being a strange & trying year, we believe that it’s safe to say that a regular name for a baby boy or a baby girl just wouldn’t feel right. You need a name that captures the odd spirit of these peculiar years, so that every time you look at your baby you can remember why they came into your life in the first place. For that reason, you might expect these names that mean chaos to have been popular. But what about the research? Don’t worry, we did it all for you! 

The data seems to be out, as Nameberry, the online resource which provides over 70,000 names searched endlessly by people all around the world has released its 2021 data to identify the most popular baby names. No longer do we have to wait for celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow to provide us with hilariously odd baby names of unique meaning, as this list will surely prove to you that there are unique baby names everywhere you go!

The United States

For men, the list for odd & popular 2021 baby names included Silas, Finn, Theodore, Arlo, and Atticus. 

For women, the list of baby names included Aurelia, Isla, Luna, Maeve, and Aurora. 

We’re for one 100% behind the name Atticus trending up for men! To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a great foundation for any American family to stand on. 

The United Kingdom

For men, the UK certainly had some interesting choices for male baby names, including Arlo, Oscar, Hugo, Albie, and Atticus. 

For women, the list shows Luna, Maeve, Ophelia, Elodie, and Iris. 

All we can think of when we hear the name Iris is Kate Winslet’s character from The Holiday, and it’s because of that we offer our full support.



In Japan, the list for male baby names included Kai, Lorenzo, Jiro, Ezra, and Eneko. 

For women, the list included Luna, Aurora, Mia, Mina, and Rio.

Honestly, half of these don’t even sound like traditional Japanese names. To be fair, with most of these names on our list the idea of tradition escaped a long time ago.   


The most popular odd names for Italian men in 2021 included Orion, Soren, Marco, Elias, and Cassius. 

For women, the list of baby names shows Enola, Alice, Elena, Bianca, and Giulia. 

This sort of makes us sad . . . we had hoped that “Jimmy Pesto” would be a more popular choice given the Italian spirit. Oh, well.  


These male baby Irish children perhaps were not rewarded with the luckiest of names, as the men’s list included the likes of Atticus, Eoin, Ronan, Cormac, and Tadhg. 

For women, the list of baby names includes Ada, Fiadh, Zoe, Eabha, and Caoimhe. 

With this current data, it certainly appears that both Atticus & Luna are the two most popular baby names of 2021. Do you know what that means? It means that we now have to go out of our way and avoid using these names for the rest of mankind’s existence. People . . . this could be the dangerous next step to people simply receiving numbers as names, so please, no more Atticus or Luna names! 

Do you have a name that you might consider “odd”? What are some of the strangest baby names you’ve ever heard of? Do you blame the parents in that situation or the son of a b!+#% who created the name in the first place? Lastly, if you could change your name to a more eccentric one, which name would you choose? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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