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Apple held their first product launch event of the year, but did we hear any new information on the Apple Car? Find out all the details here.

Could the Apple Car make an appearance at today’s announcement?

Today, Apple just launched its first product launch event of the year, and folks were excited to hear about all the new Apple products and features coming soon to consumers. Many analysts and techies predicted that the company would make an announcement or update on the Apple car, an electric car project that has been undergoing development & production since 2018. 

So did the company follow through with the hopeful rumors on an Apple car announcement at today’s event? Unfortunately, to many people’s disappointment, there was no talk about an electric car at the product launch. 

It’s been years since we’ve been hearing and reading about the Apple car project, so of course people are starting to get some ants in their pants. So what are the experts saying? How long can we wait until we hear some sort of update on this highly anticipated project? Well, let’s take a look here. 

Let’s ask the experts

Not too long ago on April 13th, Apple was rumored to have been incredibly close to closing a deal with LG and Magna on a project that could very well produce the Apple Car, according to Apple Insider. According to one analyst though, this makes the probability of an announcement within the coming months from the company sound very likely. 

On Tuesday, Wedbush analyst Dan Ives announced on a live segment on CNBC that he believes the company could announce some sort of Apple car related feature or update by this summer. Apple Insider wrote: “The analyst continues to believe that the Apple autonomous vehicle is a question of if and not when”. 

“On a timeframe, Ives believes that the car will see a release by 2024, and that an announcement revealing details about the vehicle should come at least two years in advance”, Apple Insider mentioned. Ives also said: “”I think if you start to go into 2022, this starts to get late to the game — especially in a green tidal wave. So we believe, by summer timeframe, we have more information about the [Apple Car]”.

Ives also added in the interview on Tuesday that the company still needs to find the right partners for the project. Apple Insider revealed that plenty of evidence suggests they are “working on a vehicle-related endeavor, and recent reports indicate that it could be a vehicle made in collaboration with another automaker”. The company is also supposedly working on the Apple car under the internal codename of “Project Titan”. 

So, there you have it. We still have some time to go before we can possibly get an update on the Apple Car, but at least we’re nearing the end of the road (hopefully). In the meantime though, why not keep yourself preoccupied with all the new Apple products introduced in today’s event? 

New products and features

Yeah, the lack of news on the highly anticipated Apple Car may be quite a bummer to most, but plenty of other cool news were announced at the product launch event today. In the hour-long event, the company packed in tons of exciting announcements. However, it’s worth noting that investors on one hand did not appear to be impressed, as Apple shares dropped about two percent following the product launch event. 

New products and features from the company include new features for those sharing an Apple Card, a purple iPhone 12, a paid podcast service called Apple Podcast Subscriptions, a Bluetooth locator for items like keys, wallets, or laptops called AirTag, a new 4K Apple TV with an updated Siri remote, a redesigned iMac with new accessories like a fingerprint scanner, and a new iPad Pro with Apple’s in-house M1 chip. 

What do you think about these new products? Will you be purchasing some of them? And if so, which ones? Let us know in the comments. 

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