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90s now: Has Pamela Anderson reacted to the retro TikTok trend?

Pamela Anderson’s classic 90s hairstyle has hit a whole new generation thanks to the new popular hit series Pam & Tommy on Hulu. The new show follows the love story of one of Hollywood’s most notorious couples – who tied the knot in a beach wedding just four days after meeting – as well as their infamous sex tape and the scandal that followed. 

The new series has caused some controversy due to the fact that Anderson never signed off on it. The Baywatch bae actually hasn’t reacted much to her newfound fame amongst this blast to the past show about her life. And if you watched Pam & Tommy, her reclusive nature is understandable. Yet, the show has skyrocketed her popularity among a younger and TikTok trending generation. 

Anderson-loving fans want to look just like her! And they are doing their best to replicate hairdos & outfit ensembles. But has Pamela Anderson now reacted to the retro TikTok trend? Let’s find out.

TikTok Trend: The Pammy updo sensation 

Actress Lily James, who plays Pamela Anderson on Pam & Tommy, was completely transformed into the iconic Pamela look. The transformation was so on point, people were taken back by how much James embodied Anderson.

According to People Magazine, James expressed that she did an extreme amount of research and studied Pamela Anderson now and in the past years meticulously. “I’ve never worked so hard,” said James. “I read the books [Anderson] has written, I read her poetry, I can parrot along to all her interviews.”

Slowly but surely Lily James pinpointed every gesture, cadence, and (of course) hairstyle of Pamela Anderson. Her signature Pammy updo: messy curls piled high, tumbling tendrils, and piece-y bangs is a mega-hit on TikTok with countless tutorials trending.

The fun part is that it’s also incredibly easy to do, which is why the hashtag #pamelaandersonhair has gained more than 6.3 million views on TikTok. And although Pamela Anderson now has this renewed fame, she has yet to speak on the show or her fashion influence on young people. 

How to get that messy sexy bun for yourself

Don’t get it twisted. There was a lot of work put into recreating Pamela Anderson’s classic 90s look. ​​Emmy-winning hairstylist Barry Lee Moe previously told The Post that James wore four different custom wigs by Rob Pickens of Wig Maker Associates in LA, which cost between $8,000 – $16,000.

If you’re wondering how to get that messy sexy bun for yourself, we got some cheaper options thank goodness! Pam & Tommy hair guru Barry Lee Moe gives a play-by-play on how to pull off the retro look. So roll up your sleeves and get the hairspray ready!

Lee Moe previously told The Post, “I rolled the curtain bang into a large Velcro at the center of the head. I taper-curled all of the hair in alternating sections, and sprayed it with Unite Lé:Play Hairspray.” 

TikTok is full of tutorials for Pamela Anderson’s hair, but most boil down to some version of this: start with some messy curls in your hair and pull them into a ponytail, leaving your bangs or two face-framing pieces out. Then loop your pony into a bun and pin it in place, keeping some of the ends out. 

Go back and curl the ends, then messily pin them back into the bun. Then pull the bun apart to make it fluffy and messy. Finish the look by adding some volume to your bangs with a hot roller, curling iron, or blow-dryer and spray liberally with hair spray. 

Celebs are #Pamcore 

Not only has Pamela Anderson now influenced generation Z with her to die for hair, but celebrities are also copying and pasting Pam’s overall aesthetic. 

Dubbed “#Pamcore” on TikTok, Anderson even seems to be influencing modern-day rock ‘n’ roll couples, including Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox as well as Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian.

Even Kim Kardashian was inspired by Anderson as she re-created the messy updo for a recent appearance on The Ellen Show – it seems Pam inspired Kim’s outfit as well, as she was wearing a killer black latex dress

Pamela Anderson now has decided to stay out of the limelight when it comes to TikTok trends and Hulu’s Pam & Tommy series. Many have tried to get her response to all the hype surrounding her whirlwind romance and fame but nada. Even Lily James tried to reach out before filming the series but fell short. James states, “I was really hopeful that she would be involved. I wish it had been different.” 

If you want to catch up on the playboy bunny’s 90s style, check out TikTok with hashtags #pamelaandersonhair, #pamelaanderson, #pamelaandersonnow videos, and stream Pam & Tommy on Hulu. 


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