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Can you look up 'Among Us' fan art without acting sus? Call an emergency meeting and find the impostors in this fantastic gallery inspired by the game!

Talented fans: See the best pieces of ‘Among Us’ fan art

You know what’s sus? Not playing Among Us. The game’s popularity increased exponentially during 2020 and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. It’s extremely unlikely you don’t know at least one person who’s addicted to it. And odds are you also know someone who dabbles in Among Us fan art.

Even if you’re acting sus by pretending you don’t care for the game, you can still appreciate awesome Among Us art. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.


Ruisun at ZBrushCentral shows us what happens when you spend too much time inside your suit.

Let’s be real

Over on Reddit, Itsdiggitydog gives Among Us some depth with this piece of art.

Sus the impaler

EmmanuelPelican took to Sketchfab to share a 3D model of a classic Among Us moment.

Spot the killer

Can you find the impostor in this piece of Among Us art from Magnavis? This one’s hosted on Body in Electrical!

Super sus

The problem with the Among Us suits is you can’t tell if someone’s grieving or laughing like a maniac. This particular conundrum is perfectly captured by Dennka over at Fur Affinity.

Turn around!

Caption this Among Us fan art from Blanclauz on Twitter. Our submission is “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”


You don’t have to be all gloom & gore when you’re talking about Among Us art. BallpitBee gave us a lighter, happier take on the game’s characters over at Deviant Art.


Okay, so it’s not really made of Legos. But you can’t tell us this 3D piece from GavriilKlimov doesn’t look Lego-ish. He has more on his Twitter too!

Oh no

Also from Twitter, Rosexberryy gives us a harsh reality check. Isn’t that what art’s supposed to do anyway? Yes, even Among Us art.

I can explain

Neytirix on Deviant Art gives us a look at that moment every Among Us impostor fears.


This piece from TheBRStory over at Deviant Art serves as a nice counterpoint to the sad ejection from earlier. Do we sense guilty tears behind that helmet?


Also on Deviant Art, all gloves are off as Darksilvania gives us a shameless look at an Among Us impostor.

Tippy toes

That impostor must have been reeeeaaally quiet. Among Us fan art courtesy of Xyra Brittney on Pinterest.

Why so sus?

We truly believe The Joker would kill in an Among Us game. Therefore we dub this Among Us fan art our personal favorite. Haquii has a whole video on YouTube about how he created this piece.

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