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Excited to get in some social time playing 'Among Us'? Here’s everything you need to know about getting the squad together for a game of deception.

Don’t be lonely or act sus: Learn to add friends in ‘Among Us’

If you spent like an hour on the internet in the past couple of months, then chances are you’ve seen the little astronauts of Among Us. And people are racking up the hours as this 2018 indie game explodes in popularity across 2020. In Among Us, you are either a crewmate or an impostor. It’s the crewmates’ job to figure out the impostor and complete tasks. The impostor has to kill the crewmates in order to win.

While you can play with a randomly selected group of people online, it’s usually more fun to play this game of deception with friends and family. That way, of course, you can go against each other like Among Us is the bloodsport known as Family Game Night. Only with the added fun of taking out your frustrations at your sibling for that time they stole your Cheetos and vowed eternal revenge.

You know, the average family and friend bonding that you can do. But how can you play Among Us with your friends? Well, new player, here’s everything you need to know about getting the squad together for a game of deception.

A how to guide

First thing is first, you need to select Online in the Main Menu of Among Us. Once you do so, add your name to the top (username, character name, whatever). You’ll be given a series of three options to pick from: Host, Private, and Public. Here’s the basic rundown of each option.

Host: You’re in control of who joins your game. You can add your friends to the game that way or play with random people who want to join. 

Public: If you pick this option, then you’re just going to be joined by a bunch of random players. And, sure, they’re strangers. But strangers are just friends that you haven’t made yet! So long as you’re careful about these sorts of things.

Private: If you select this mode, then you’ll be given a code at the bottom of the screen. With this code, you can send it out to your friends who can go to the Private section of their home screen, add the code, and join in on the fun. 

Not feeling so many steps?

No problem! If you have friends that live in the same area as you, then they can join if they can access the same WiFi network. All they have to do here is go to the Among Us Local menu and do a little bit of searching. They should be able to find your game pretty easily with that.

Again, however, this only works if you have friends that live close by. If you want to invite friends out of the area to join in, then the best bet here is to set up a private game and make sure to give them the code so that they can get in.

What are the advantages to playing with friends?

Considering that these people are your friends, then the advantage here is that you can spend time with them playing a game with pretty simple mechanics and a lot of deceiving involved. It’s like acting or something. You all go in with a decent advantage by knowing each other and your tells so to speak. 

By knowing each other as well, it can mean fewer hard feelings in the long run. Sure, you can get frustrated with each other. But at the end of the day, it’s just a game. Besides, 2020 does not afford people a ton of opportunities to hang out, especially during a pandemic. So playing Among Us is a great way to bond without, you know, having to be near each other. 

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