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Do you want to learn how to play 'Among Us'? Jump into our handy guide on 'Among Us' maps so you don't act sus.

‘Among Us’ maps: The best guides to help you succeed in every round

You may see elite Twitch streamers playing Among Us, but don’t let that fool you. Among Us is an engaging deductive game that appeals to the masses – not just veteran video-gamers. You don’t have to be good at puzzles or button-mashing to enjoy it. In fact, all you need is a computer (or mobile) & a sharp wit. 

Even if you’re well-equipped to give the game a go, coming to Among Us as a new player can be full-on frightening. It’s not only difficult to face intense questioning from other players – it’s difficult to figure out how to get around the map to accomplish tasks or kill your comrades.  

Getting to know the lay of the land is a key strategy to improve your Among Us skills. Having familiarity with the maps helps you maneuver around the spacecraft with relative ease. As a crewmate, this will allow you to accomplish tasks swiftly and make use of the map’s features. Also, knowing where the vents are and where they lead on the map is crucial for an impostor. 

But there’s an even more important reason to know the Among Us maps. When discussion arises, you need to have a convincing alibi – this applies whether you are the killer or not. That means that you need to know where you were and what you were doing so that you can clear your name if people call upon you (especially if you have to lie!)  

So, how exactly do you navigate these Among Us layouts? Here’s a look at the three Among Us maps and their special functions. Hopefully these will help guide you through your next game and help you come out on top. Good luck out there space cadets!  

The Skeld

The first map available to players upon the Among Us release, The Skeld is comprised of fourteen rooms, two large ones in the middle and six small ones on either side. With the east/west symmetry, The Skeld is easy to navigate. Corridors connect you to each area of the map in a vague rectangle pattern. 

The Skeld has more visual tasks to accomplish than any other map. This means that you can visibly see whether crewmates are successfully completing their task – thus making it harder for impostors to fake it. Impostors can also sabotage in four different locations equally spread across the map – the Reactor, Electrical, Communications, and O2 room.

Impostors – note the red & yellow markings on the map – these show vent paths and security camera footage. Vents will always bring you to an adjacent room. These paths should help you move around the map and avoid being caught on cam. The Skeld’s security camera allows the player to see four corridors at the same time, so you can closely watch where those sus companions of yours are going. 

Mira HQ

Mira HQ is by far the smallest map in the game with only twelve rooms, each varying shapes & sizes. Unlike The Skeld, Mira HQ doesn’t have a straightforward layout. That means that more MacGyvering will be necessary. 

There’s only one visual task in Mira HQ – the scan in MedBay. This means it’s easier for an impostor to fake their tasks. Additionally, the impostors have three different sabotage locations in the top right and in the middle of the map. Though, there are no doors to lock. 

Instead of security cameras, Mira HQ has a Doorlog. The Doorlog is a mechanic unique to Mira HQ and it’s located in the Communications room. The Doorlog keeps a record with up to twenty entries of players who pass by one of three sensors in the top right corridor. This security system is way less intense than cameras, making the impostor’s job a little bit easier. 


Discernibly different from the previous maps, Polus no long binds players to the confines of a spacecraft. Polus is actually a large, snowy planet that has fifteen rooms and a large open courtyard in the center. The wide open middle leaves room for impostors to escape from pretty much any direction.

Instead of vents, impostors have twelve holes in the ground which are divided into four connected systems. Some of them will carry you long distances while others are just a hop away. Impostors can sabotage the crew in three locations and close doors all around. Sometimes decontamination rooms can also lock on you temporarily. 

Polus has a unique feature called The Vitals which helps the players identify who is alive and who has been slain. If you’re worried that your numbers are dwindling, head over to the right side Office to check.  

Similar to The Skeld map, Polus allows players access to security cameras. However, these security cameras are a bit different because you have to press the arrow to alternate between different cameras set up around the map.  

What’s your favorite Among Us map? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • My question is, after I red this and if I met you in a room one of us being crewmate and the other one, impostor, who’s gonna win?

    January 4, 2021

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