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Looking for a greater challenge in your next 'Among Us' game? Here's why turning off your confirm ejections is a good option.

‘Among Us’: Should you play with confirm ejects on or off?

How deep are you into your obsession of Among Us? Because the world seems pretty deep into a global obsession with the indie game. Whether you’re a crewmate or an impostor, there is always some intense fun to be had in the game. But, what if there was a way to make your experience with Among Us even more nerve-wracking? What if there was a way to really ratchet up the intensity?

Good news for those of you who are sadists and like doing things in ultra hard mode –  there is such a way to make Among Us even more intense than normal. This way will make the game of deception that has taken the video game community by storm in the biggest ways to new heights. And how do you do it? You have to turn your Confirm Ejections off.

Here’s what we mean.

Confirm Ejections?

The default setting of Among Us is to have Confirm Ejections on. This means that the players will be alerted if an ejected player was or was not an Impostor. This serves to confirm crew suspicions, but also narrow down suspects as time goes on. For more experienced players, it allows them to nail down who the Impostor is faster as the game progresses.

Turning this setting off? Well that adds a whole new level of intensity and deception to the game. All you’ll know is that the player had been ejected, but not if they were a Crewmate or an Impostor. It makes things all the trickier for it in the end. Ultimately, this means that you have to eject a person that you have pretty solid evidence on. Rather than just knocking a few out of the way and hoping for the best.

And the only way to know if someone was the Impostor or not in a Confirm Ejections off game is if the game ends. 

Definitely for more experienced players

For the new player who saw one of the millions of new memes and fan art about Among Us going around on the internet, we recommend keeping the Confirm Ejections on. Among Us is a pretty hard game at the best of times. You have to be cunning, wily, and deceiving while also trying to figure out a mystery. Until you get a handle on the rhythm of Among Us, then it’s best to just take your time in settling in.

For the player who has definitely played a couple hundred hours of Among Us? Then this adds a new level of difficulty in the game that will make you and your fellow players have to work even harder to figure out who is the Impostor or not. If you are the Impostor, then that means you have to work double time to make your accusations stick against other players as well.

It’s fun! 

Be sure to add in a voice chat element

If you’re an experienced Among Us player who plays regularly with a group of friends, then add in the voice chat element along with Confirm Ejections off. It’s amazing how much more passionate things can get when you hear the other players defend or accuse during the emergency meetings. It goes to new heights when you won’t know whether or not you made the right choice.

Better yet? If there is more than one Impostor on the ship running around. Because then, suddenly, everyone looks a little more sus, you feel? It’s the danger and the deception that really makes you feel alive! If you want the most intense game of Among Us yet, then turn Confirm Ejections off and go ham with the fam. 

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