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2020 is a rough year, so there's no point in being miserable. Enjoy some funny 'Among Us' memes as you get your neck snapped in game.

Not all evil: Here are all the most wholesome ‘Among Us’ memes

The game Among Us has emerged as one of the biggest PC & mobile games, boasting of a user base of more than 85 million players in the last six months. In September alone, the game received more than 100 million downloads. The wild popularity of the game can partially be attributed to the set-up. We’re locked inside, housebound, quarantined…whichever way you’d like to put it.

In such a situation, a game where you’re stuck inside your spaceship with an Impostor, an evil person hell-bent on sabotaging things & killing other crewmates has an uncanny resonance for us all. The only way out is through, as they say, so it’s up to the crewmates to identify the impostor – either by catching him in the act, seeing him use the vents, or putting two & two together when he’s self-reporting.

2020 is a rough year, so there's no point in being miserable. Enjoy some funny 'Among Us' memes as you get your neck snapped in game.

The real fun of chasing & being chased by this literal backstabber lies in the detail. You call an emergency meeting if you think you have a suspicion on a particular member of the crew, you report if you come across a dead body, and when you’re not doing either, you’re running around completing the tasks. The impostor can jump inside a vent if they don’t want to be found, they can sabotage wiring, trash cans etc.

In the midst of catching a troublemaker, it may seem like it’s hell out there, but people are making the best out of it. And in 2020, making the best out of a sorry situation means one thing – making memes as a coping mechanism. But with the premise of Among Us, can you blame us? Here are some wholesome Among Us memes reminding us that the evil impostor is the lesser of our problems. 

Remember the class photograph day?

If there’s one thing we hated more than being bullied in school, it was the school yearbook photograph day or class photograph day (or whatever it was called in your part of the world). The photographer – who, going by the fact that he’s snapping school kids for a living, wasn’t a hotshot by a long measure –would comment on our positions & keep changing them. 

We suspect he was just doing it on purpose to embarrass us, the way parents sometimes do.

The agony of being this close to finishing a task

The last leg of the race is often the hardest, so we need luck on our side. The frustration is exacerbated when an emergency meeting is called right when you’re done entering the reactor codes or fixing the last wire. 

A good time to remember the other impostors in your life

No, we’re not being metaphorical or philosophical here. Remember all the times your pals, celebrities, mates snapped your neck? Call them out now. 

What do you do when the card declines after the fact?

We’re familiar with this meme format. What if you’ve already had the massage & the card declines? The masseuse will give you a headache just to make things even. What if the card after your therapy session is already over? The therapist will sabotage all the healing you’ve done so far. You know where we’re going with this.

So if the doctor fixed your neck & you’re unable to compensate them for the service? Time for a neck-snap, Impostor-style.

Nothing turns our world meme-worthy the way typos do

The chat screen is very inconvenient, we’re not going to lie. So typos happen in abundance, often giving you just the right push.

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