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Season finales were MIA in the spring thanks to the pandemic. Here are the shows returning to your TV schedule in the fall.

2020 fall TV schedule: What’s even airing now, thanks to COVID-19?

Season finales were MIA in the spring thanks to the pandemic. Some never had a chance to be filmed, others were rewritten & filmed via zoom, and even more were almost done filming, but production had to be halted for the safety of cast and crew.

It was a disappointing time for fans, as well as everyone who works so hard on our favorite shows. As COVID-19 continues to spread, productions planned for the summer have held off or have been massively slowed down thanks to the numerous new precautions everyone has to adhere to on set.

So, the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not they’ll be able to watch new episodes of their favorite shows this fall like normal. Streaming platforms still have unreleased content ready to go, but network television shows are a different beast. Here are the shows returning to your TVs in the near-ish future.

Note: This list focuses on reality shows & scripted series which are returning to network television. Game shows & new scripted series are not included here. Shows that are renewed, but do not have a confirmed premiere date are also not included.


ABC has boldly put most of their eggs in the sitcom basket while attempting to pad their pandemic ridden schedule – with little else in regard to new episodes of returning shows.

Dancing with the Stars

Frequently referred to as DWTS by its fans, this star-studded ballroom dance show is set to return to screens today, September 14. The show will now be hosted by Tyra Banks (and produced by her too), and will feature both Chrishell Stause & Carole Baskin as contestants.

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette seems like a difficult show to film in safety considering there’s usually a lot of making out, but ABC seems to feel confident they’ve found the proper solutions. We can expect to see more of the popular romantic reality show starting on October 13.

The Goldbergs

If you’re hoping to escape from the world and go back to the 1980s this fall, then have no fear, because The Goldbergs will be returning to your screen with new episodes starting on October 21.

The Conners

The Conners will also start their third season on October 21. For fans of The Conners, it’s important to note the 21st is a Wednesday & the show will continue to air on this new day and in a new timeslot.


Want even more comedy? Black-ish will also be starting a brand new season on October 21, making ABC’s Wednesday comedy block a powerhouse.

American Housewife

While American Housewife will be joining ABC’s Wednesday comedy evenings, it won’t have its season premiere until October 28.


CBS’s method for creating content in the fall of the strange year that is 2020 has been to double down on reality TV.

Big Brother

Big Brother, the show hosted by Julie Chen-Moonves, which is usually a summertime affair started up only a few weeks ago and is filling three different time slots for the network, which might otherwise be filled with reruns of old shows. You can catch new episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Love Island

Love Island has just barely begun its second season and is also dramatically helping to pad the CBS schedule by airing on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

The Amazing Race

CBS’s world-traveling reality show is set to have a season premiere on October 14. We assume this season was filmed before the pandemic hit?

Star Trek: Discovery

We weren’t sure whether we considered this a new show or a returning show, but it appears we settled on returning. Originally only available through the streaming platform CBS All Access, Star Trek: Discovery will soon be airing on the CBS network. This starts on September 24.

Undercover Boss

The new season of Undercover Boss will begin on October 2.


The FOX network has been somewhat known for its adult animation series, and this seems to have worked in their favor this year. Most aspects of an animated series can easily be completed while social distancing & the fall 2020 schedule reflects this.

The Masked Singer

FOX’s smashing success of a celebrity singing contest will begin on September 23.

The Simpsons

A staple show for the FOX network, it would feel strange if this show didn’t return. The Simpsons will have its season premiere on September 27.

Bless the Harts

Bless the Harts will have its season premiere on September 27 as well.

Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers will, perhaps unsurprisingly, also have its season premiere on September 27.

Family Guy

To round out FOX’s animated block, Family Guy will have its season premiere on September 27 too.


It appears NBC did its very best to continue with productions as if nothing is happening & will have a slew of returning shows premiering relatively on time.

The Voice

NBC’s competition show, The Voice, will return with a new season starting on October 19.

This Is Us

The popular NBC drama will return to televisions to break our hearts with new content on November 10.

Chicago Med

To start a full block of Chicago-based drama series, Chicago Med will have a season premiere on November 11.

Chicago Fire

Following after Med will be Chicago Fire on, you guessed it, November 11.

Chicago P.D.

Finally, the third show in this triple threat series, Chicago P.D. will have its season premiere on November 11, making Wednesday nights on NBC jam-packed with new content.


Despite America Ferrera’s departure from the sitcom, Superstore will have a brand new season beginning on October 22.

Law & Order: SVU

The long-running crime show will have its season premiere on November 12.

The Blacklist

Another popular show, The Blacklist will hit the network schedule with new episodes beginning on November 13.

The CW

The CW, which has become a hub for DC comic heroes & their television shows will have a superhero free fall schedule this year, due to the pandemic. Instead, most of their “new” content will be acquisitions from other networks or streaming platforms – leaving this list rather sparse.


Despite receiving underwhelming reviews, Pandora will have its season 2 premiere on October 4.


This crime drama will have a season premiere just two days later on October 6.


The show that just cannot die – Supernatural, which was meant to have finished its 15th (and final) season back in the spring will finally begin airing its last few episodes on October 8. For longtime fans, this is sure to be an emotional rollercoaster.

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