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It's here! Election day is upon us. Laugh at these 2020 memes while you wait to vote or follow the election results.

Laugh while you wait in line to vote: The best 2020 election memes

The 2020 American presidential election is almost at its end. It’s always a high-intensity event, but this time around things seem extra high stakes. Even people who don’t live in the United States are holding their breath as they await the results. Considering the fact that COVID-19 has caused a change in the rules of how ballots are cast, we may be waiting longer than normal to hear the results. 

As such, we might as well do something entertaining in the meantime. All that tension will give you stress knots the size of tennis balls. Let’s laugh while we still can. Who knows what havoc the outcome will cause. There are already some great 2020 memes floating around out there. 

The American presidential election has opened up the opportunity for a new species of 2020 meme. The memes about the presidential debates were gut busters. Let’s take a look at the 2020 election memes as a whole. Here are the best 2020 election memes to date. 

Shabby prospects 

Let’s face it. If aliens were to listen in on the spitting matches political debates have devolved into while evaluating the human species, the outlook wouldn’t be great. 

Voting ads be like. . . 

Like sheesh. It’s good to motivate more people to use their voting power but everyone will be so glad when voting ads stop popping up. 

A glorious presidential pun 

Apparently, Obama doesn’t support the use of puns but we think that was just the right dose of goofy to cut through the acidity of this election. 

The lesser of two evils 

Many have gawked at the choices for president Americans have ended up with. It’s options like these that make people wish the election wasn’t so binary. As it stands, people will have to pick their villain. 

He’s just asking 

Previous presidents are probably patting themselves on the back like “Even I wasn’t that bad.” 

Focus on what matters 

That kid with the sign is a true patriot. What a great example of focusing on the important matters of 2020. COVID-19 has taken too much of a toll on our entertainment industry. More waifus and husbandos, please. 

2020 election meme 

Your vote will have reverberating effects. Choose wisely. 

You gotta try but. . . 

It can be a losing battle. 

A return to the familiar 

It’ll be good to get back to good ol’ fashioned hatred. 

Surprise ending! 

No one ever finds out who won the 2o2o American election because the apocalypse. 

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