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The Swifties claim Taylor Swift will re-release '1989' any day now. Grab your guitars and dive into the hype around the re-release of the songs from '1989'. 

Is Taylor Swift releasing the first song off ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ today?

The Swifties have gotten the conspiracy boards out, claiming Taylor Swift will be releasing her new version of the songs from her 1989 album any day now. Taylor Swift had begun releasing her ‘Taylor Versions’ back in April 2021 to the joy of her fans. As the songs from 1989 are some of her most popular tracks, many Swifties assume that’ll be the next on the list for re-release. 

Swift’s fans have bolstered this idea through their search through her new merchandise line as well as the leaked release of the track list by a fan on TikTok two days ago before it was exposed as being a fake by the user. However, Swifties are still certain that the new version of the songs from 1989 will be released soon due to her collaboration on the new Spirit Untamed film as well as her outfit choice for the 2021 Brit Awards. 

Naturally, these theories have been running rampant all over Twitter, with excitement for the upcoming release sending the threads to the trending page. We played our way through to find the best reactions to the release of the new versions of the songs from 1989 . Grab your guitars and dive into the hype around the re-release of the songs from 1989

Just checking 

Still not up, but we’ll wait . . . 

Welcome to a new era

This is pretty much everyone’s reaction in a nutshell. 


You rolled a nat 1 on stealth – sorry dude. 


Yikes, dude! Keep it together, it’ll be here soon! 


At least we’re entertaining her . . . 

Not until . . . 

*Throws money at our laptops*. 


Just hold on a bit longer, dude! You got this! 

Expecting that 

Here comes the red yarn . . . 

Here we go 

Standing strong against the wait! 

Toss it 

Maybe instead of that, just release it? Shocking idea, we know . . . 

Are you excited for the release of the ‘Taylor Version’ of the songs from 1989? Drop your thoughts below in the comments before we get teardrops on our guitar! 

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