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After his iconic halftime performance at the Super Bowl, did The Weeknd gain a boost in sales for his albums? Find out how he's doing on the charts here.

Did The Weeknd’s albums get a sales boost after the Super Bowl?

On February 7, 2021, The Weeknd gave the nation a memorable & iconic halftime performance during the Super Bowl LV between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Kansas City Chiefs. Almost nine days after one of America’s largest events of the year, it seems that this performance has bumped up his popularity quite a bit as well.

Thanks to the dazzling & glamorous show he gave on the nation’s most-loved Sunday of the year, The Weeknd has seen an enormous boost in streams & music sales for his albums. It certainly seems like all the hard work he put into the performance has definitely paid off very well in the long run.

Boost in sales 

Just in time for his thirty-first birthday on this very day, February sixteenth, his massive bump in sales for his albums & song streams certainly makes this occasion one that’s even more special for The Weeknd. As if his iconic Super Bowl performance wasn’t already impressive enough, nearly every song that he performed during the twelve-ish minute long show is currently on the Rolling Stone Top 100 Songs chart. 

Variety reported that “Blinding Lights”, which was already an initial top hit following the release of his 2020 album After Hours, has bumped back up to number three on the chart from number eight, nearly fifteen months after the song’s release. Variety announced this was “a bump from around 95,000 song units on February fifth to 153,100 the day after the game”. 

“Save Your Tears”, another song performed during the show, soared up to number four on the chart from number six, which Variety reported rose “from around 100,000 to nearly 145,000 song units”. 

Older hits performed by The Weeknd at the Super Bowl show from past albums also jumped back into the chart, with “The Hills” currently at number thirty-two, “Starboy” & “Can’t Feel My Face” at fifty & sixty-six, “I Feel It Coming” at number eighty-four, “In Your Eyes” at eighty-nine, and “Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)” rounding out the chart at the one hundredth spot. 

Other achievements

Variety reported that The Weeknd also has accomplished higher rankings in the albums chart as well since his Super Bowl LV Halftime performance. The 2020 release from The Weeknd titled After Hours currently sits at number four on the albums chart, but had a huge boost in album units, rocketing up from 34,200 to 57,800 units. 

Other past albums by The Weeknd also re-entered the chart, with his 2016 full-length album Starboy coming back in at number twenty and Beauty Behind the Madness released in 2015 jumping up at number twenty-five. Trilogy, his debut mixtape collection from 2012 that first put him on the mainstream map in the R&B world, currently stands at number seventy-seven on the chart. 

Variety announced that the greatest-hits album released by The Weeknd called The Highlights also landed on the albums chart at number seventy-three. The star is also up from number eight to number two on the Artist 500 most-streamed list with 99.5 million, coming in after Morgan Wallen. He is also currently number one on Spotify’s Global Monthly Listeners with a whopping 71 million. 

Variety also reported that The Weeknd gained nearly 1.5 million new followers in his social media sites on Instagram and Twitter, with a total of 29.3 million Instagram followers & 14.2 Twitter followers currently. He’s also sold nearly a million tickets for his upcoming “After Hours” tour that has just recently been rescheduled for next year. 

Are you one of those millions of fans that helped boost his streams up these past weeks? Did you tune in during this year’s Super Bowl to witness his iconic performance? Let us know how you feel about The Weeknd in the comments. 

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