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Get ready for the nostalgia. The original Wiggles got together to mash up their hit single "Fruit Salad" with some indie rock. Hear it for yourself here.

The original Wiggles reunited to perform some amazing covers

This is not a drill, everyone. The original Wiggles got together to perform for their longtime fan base. In all honesty, this is far from what the world was expecting, but it’s definitely what the world didn’t even realize we desperately needed at this moment. Now, brace yourselves for some good, old nostalgia and get ready to hear your favorite children’s band perform some fun music. 

The Wiggles & indie rock? 

The Wiggles had us all shook last week when the original members decided to come back together to release a performance on radio station Triple J’s “Like a Version” segment. What’s even more shockingly exciting to folks is that they not only released a surprise performance for fans, but merged two worlds together: theirs and the indie, psychedelic rock world. Who would have thought? Definitely not us. 

You’re probably scratching your head and wondering how on earth they’ve managed to combine those two musical worlds together, but with the talent & fun energy of the original Wiggles group, it’s evident they can accomplish just about anything it seems. The musical group got together to release their own version of “Elephant” by everybody’s favorite indie-rock musician, Tame Impala. 

However, they performed the smash rock single “Elephant” with a slight twist by mashing it up with their own famous hit single from thirty years ago: the classic “Fruit Salad”. Surely, no one could have ever predicted that. We thought it sounded awesome, but if you’re curious to hear how it turned out, feel free to listen and decide for yourselves. 

A new single also? 

As if this cover & mash-up wasn’t already exciting enough to longtime, nostalgic fans of the original Wiggles, the children’s musical group also announced on their official website that in celebration of thirty years since the release of their hit single “Fruit Salad”, the group was also going to be releasing a brand new single titled “We’re All Fruit Salad”. We’re sure this song will easily be another hit. 

The group said on their site that the new single, which has already launched across all digital music platforms, “playfully riffs on the band’s iconic hit Fruit Salad. It is a fun celebration of diversity, inclusion, and reflection, sensitively capturing key global concerns of today and musically delivering a message of unity, respect, appreciation and acceptance”.

“The song features many special guest artists and performers, including Richie Allan, Lou Diamond Phillips, Evie Ferris, James Harkness, Jawan M. Jackson, Taylor Symone Jackson, Paul Knobloch, Robert Rakete, and Victor Valdes”, the group added. They also took the time to perform the new single on the “Like a Version” segment on Triple J. Give it a watch and dance along! 

The Wiggles today

Thirty years later, The Wiggles are still making new music, touring, and spreading their love & positivity through music today, despite the original lineup having to change every now and then. On their site, the musical group informed that “The Wiggles work continues to be based on current thinking in early childhood development and learning”. 

Children need opportunities to develop a sense of their own identity, to become connected with their world and to contribute to it, to develop a strong sense of wellbeing, to become confident and involved learners and effective communicators. The Wiggles are well aware of these desired outcomes and keep them in mind as they plan and perform.” 

Quite honestly, we can’t wait to see what The Wiggles have next for their young fanbase. Hopefully in another thirty years, the musical group will still be rocking out and spreading love & education to young folks through music. 

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