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Why did Kid Cudi wear a dress on 'SNL'? Dive into his touching tribute to grunge legend Kurt Cobain and why Twitter is going nuts here.

Kid Cudi wore Kurt Cobain’s iconic dress on ‘SNL’: Twitter’s best reactions

Kurt Cobain has been dead longer than he was alive. The grunge pioneer and rock legend died by suicide in 1994 when he was twenty-seven years old, and since this month marks the twenty-seventh anniversary of his passing, it’s a big anniversary. 

To honor the fallen star, Kid Cudi wore Cobain’s infamous flower dress during his SNL performance. While Kid Cudi’s floral gown was more dress-up than Kurt Cobain’s formless frock & green cardigan, the resemblance didn’t go unnoticed as Kid Cudi performed “Tequila Shots” and “Sad People”. Cobain wore his dress on a famous 1993 MTV Unplugged episode. 

Twitter was certainly going to have their say. So “Come As You Are” and dive into Twitter’s reactions to Kid Cudi’s dress tribute. 

Mad respect

Aaron Vallely praised Kid Cudi for paying homage to Kurt Cobain on SNL, saying: “Respect to @KidCudi for using his platform & @nbcsnl appearance to pay tribute to Kurt’s legacy of struggle, authenticity, creativity for freedom, vulnerability, & individual style.” 

Can still kick your @$%

Dresses don’t make people any more or less tough. 

The more you know

The tribute to Kurt Cobain was done because Kid Cudi cited Cobain as an influence on his own music. 

Fair is fair

We, too, want to see the same energy for Harry Styles’ dress for Kid Cudi’s Kurt Cobain tribute. 

Haters gonna hate

Of course, the haters are out there, too.

TikTok takes

The hot takes from TikTok are making their way to Twitter. And yeah, if you don’t know who Kurt Cobain is, you should probably Google him now (and we feel sad for you). 

Menswear staple

With Harry Styles, Billy Porter, and now Kid Cudi rocking dresses, are we freeing the dress from the confines of “women’s clothes”? Free the dress! Free the dress! 

Not the only tribute

Kid Cudi didn’t just pay homage to Kurt Cobain. In his other performance, he paid respect to comedian Chris Farley, who died in 1997 of a drug overdose. 

We want the dress! 

Who are you wearing, Kid Cudi? How can we get this floral frock into our wardrobes now

Who wore it better? 

Some people on Twitter are pointing out Post Malone’s tribute to Kurt Cobain and how it reflects grunge better. We say: nitpick, much? 

The prophecy has come true . . . ?????? 

Apparently, Kid Cudi in a dress is a sign? 

Words to live by 

“’Cause in the end, they’ll judge me anyway, so, whatever.” – Kid Cudi

What did you think about Kid Cudi’s dress tribute to Kurt Cobain? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments! 

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