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Dr. Dre may have had a tumultous year, but that isn't stopping him from releasing more songs. Check out his music plans now that he's out of the hospital.

Dr. Dre songs: Here’s his new plan after leaving the hospital

Dr. Dre is having one heck of a start to 2021. The hip-hop legend began the year in the midst of a divorce with his estranged wife Nicole Young after twenty-four years of marriage. As if the stress of the massive split wasn’t enough to shake things up for Dre, he was hospitalized in early January after suffering a brain aneurysm. For Dr. Dre, the villainous specter of 2020 may be seeping into the new year.

Fans anxiously awaited news of Dr. Dre’s recovery after he was admitted to the hospital earlier this month. Luckily for hip-hop heads everywhere, Dre seems to be doing well; Billboard reported that Dre’s lawyer Peter Paterno confirmed the legendary producer has returned home this past Saturday, January 16th, and he appears to be on a road to recovery.

Old heads & hip-hop purists alike have been waiting for new songs from Dr. Dre for quite some time, and his recent health scare has fans wondering how it’ll affect any new releases Dre has planned. Sure, Dre’s back home from the hospital, but does that mean he’ll be back cooking up songs in the studio any time soon?

We working

Fans got a clue this week when the most recent photo of the iconic rapper & producer was released on social media. One of Dr. Dre’s producers for his label Aftermath, Focus . . . posted the pic on Instagram of Dre with his boys in the studio. Dre & his entourage are hunched around a giant mixing board in the picture, and fans can only assume there are some new songs in the making.

Focus… captioned the photo with, “My Big Bro is Super Good!!! We Working… I TOOK THE PIC SO IM HERE!!!” The resilient hip hop star seems to be on the grind already, and fans couldn’t be happier. 

So what is the newly released Dr. Dre working on? Billboard quoted a tweet in their report that captioned the Instagram post with a title implying that Dre has been working on a new record, Detox, and that it could be released this year.

Still the same O.G.

It has been a minute since Dr. Dre has given us anything substantial from the studio. He produced a few tracks on Eminem’s latest album, Songs to be Murdered By in 2020, and a few tracks on Anderson Paak’s Oxnard in 2018, and aside from a few features & singles that’s all we’ve gotten since 2015.

Dr. Dre released his last full album in 2015 with Compton. It seems like ever since it’s release fans have been waiting for another Chronic or 2001 from one of the founders of gangster rap. Dre historically needs a window of about six years to perfect the beats (get it?) of his solo albums, but Detox was announced years ago.

Around when Straight Outta Compton brought NWA back into the spotlight of the mainstream in 2015, Dr. Dre & day one collaborator Ice Cube did an interview with Rolling Stone where he talked about Detox for one of the first times.

But I been low-key

Dre told Rolling Stone that even back in 2015, what feels like 100 years ago, he had between twenty & forty songs ready to release on Detox. Dre just couldn’t feel the string of songs in his heart, and decided the album wasn’t ready. We can only guess he’s started from scratch or has been tweaking the songs for the past six years.

He also told the magazine he doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, which makes sense to anyone who sees Dre as a producer before a rapper, made most useful behind the scenes. Furthermore, as Dre’s investments bump up his massive net worth, there isn’t much urgency for him to pump out new hits.

It’s hard to say exactly what Dr. Dre’s plan is now that he’s home from the hospital, but all signs seem to indicate the hip hop legend isn’t taking a break from the mixing board. He’s working, and fans hope to hear new songs on the long awaited Detox now rumoured to finally drop this year.

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