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We're celebrating one hundred episodes of 'BTS Run'. Here are all of the most iconic episodes we recommend rewatching.

‘Run BTS’: The most iconic episodes from the variety series

BTS & V Live go together like peanut butter & jelly. Whether it’s through the band’s group live streams, the members individually streaming, or their hit variety series Run BTS, there’s plenty of content for the ARMY on V Live. 

In case you’re fairly new to the BTS ARMY, Run BTS is the variety series for the band, premiering back in 2015. Over one hundred episodes later, the show is a staple for the band. From gardening & karaoke to bungee jumping & fighting the zombie apocalypse, Run BTS throws the boys in some funny, bizarre, and creative activities. 

While Run BTS isn’t funny at the beginning, as the boys are a bit shyer and not as outspoken and honest as they are now, it improves over time. But if you don’t have time to watch all 112 episodes, here are the essential episodes for any BTS fan to watch.

“The Variety Show of Memories” (Episode 30 & 31)

If you’re unfamiliar with the traditional Korean variety show format, Run BTS is not really the show to watch to learn it. Most variety shows feature the performers participating in outrageous games, testing their trivia knowledge, or just being silly. 

However, in this two-part episode of Run BTS, the boys get dressed up in retro outfits and do just that. You’ll burst out laughing watching the boys wrestle each other, memorize lyrics to a children’s song while asleep, and dance around. If anything, watch the second part for some extra-sleepy Jungkook.

“Operation 007” (Episodes 80 & 81)

There’s nothing better than watching friends betray each other solely because of a game, right? This iconic Run BTS two-parter saw the boys taking over a shopping mall after hours for a scavenger hunt. But just like any other group of friends, the competition brings out the worst in people. 

Watching the boys ruthlessly lie and cheat each other on the path to victory is both awful and hilarious at the same time. Seriously, the ending of the second episode in the series might be the most dramatic reveal in all of Run BTS history.

“BTS vs. Zombies” (Episode 24)

We weren’t kidding. BTS goes up against the zombie apocalypse. Splitting into three teams, the boys work with their partner(s) to solve puzzles and take on an obstacle course. Plus, the boys end up playing a giant game of freeze tag with the zombies at the end, which just leads to golden memes. 

In case you were wondering, the teams are split up perfectly for how easily each boy scares. Scream queen J-Hope gets stuck with Jimin, so you know the two are hollering every time they turn a corner. Meanwhile, V and Jungkook scoff at the scares, laughing their way through the haunted house. This episode remains one of the most rewatched Run BTS episodes to date. 

“Protect the BTS Village” (Episodes 47 & 48)

Shocker, we have another deception-style episode on our list. We can’t help it. It’s almost sadistic to love seeing the boys betray each other, especially in this modified version of Mafia. Jungkook, Jin, RM, and J-Hope act as the innocent townspeople, while V, Suga, and Jimin take on the role of the thieves. 

Watching the group slowly descend into madness as they try to catch the thieves is hilarious. Plus, it’s really cute watching the boys try to get into the different characters they were assigned. 

“50th Episode Special: Parts 1 & 2” (Episodes 50 & 51)

To celebrate fifty episodes of Run BTS, the boys took over an amusement park to participate in a variety of games. But that’s not the reason these two episodes end up on our list. 

Similar to the zombies episode, the “50th Episode Special” lets us see how all the boys react to different amusement park rides. We won’t spoil how each boy reacts to the rides, but just know there is a lot of screaming when the boys ride the drop tower. Plus, it’s always fun to see the boys break up into teams.

“Pajama Party” (Episodes 97 & 98)

We were surprised to find out these episodes were filmed back in summer 2019. The concept of a BTS slumber party just fits so well in quarantine; we assumed the boys filmed this while quarantining back in their Seoul apartment. Nonetheless, it was the perfect set of episodes to air during this trying time.

While playing a variety of games, the boys are all gathered together wearing their comfiest PJs. Even though Run BTS is staged, the chemistry between the boys while playing felt like this is what seriously goes down in the BTS apartment on a nightly basis. It’s just the kind of comfort watch we need during the COVID-19 craziness. Then again, so is every other episode of Run BTS.

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