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Get ready BTS ARMY members because the band is back with a brand new song. Boogey down to see how Twitter likes "Permission to Dance".

BTS is back: Join fans as they react to the band’s song “Permission to Dance”

BTS fans are living it again after getting “Permission to Dance”. The latest song by the K-pop band dropped yesterday with a brand new music video. Naturally, this had led the K-pop community to take over Twitter in order to talk about the internationally famed group’s latest song. Which, let’s be real, is the truest of bops, but when does BTS not make you want to dance?


The music video for “Permission to Dance” is definitely a BTS video. With the band doing some sick dance moves which just always makes our hearts swoon. So take a listen to the song while we share some of the best reactions that we could find from BTS Twitter about the band’s latest song.


You know what they say . . .

Three times is definitely a pattern. Can’t wait to see what celeb gets the next name drop in a BTS English-language song!


Writer approved

Yep. Ed Sheeran was the one to write the latest BTS bop.


Fun fact about the choreo

Honestly? That’s pretty dope.


Challenge time

Get ready to dance, BTS Army


Basically but let the band be

Nice joke. A+ job.


We know this joke

And they all do BTS karaoke! 


There was literally an Elton John movie a few years ago

Did . . . did people not know this?


Anything they do will chart

At this point, BTS could just sing Yelp reviews and it would still chart.


People: Hey there’s a new BTS song!

Army was like, “what you didn’t know about the new BTS song


Feel it! 

Feel the love!

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