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Some folks think VR sex is the way of the future, and they might be right. Try not to laugh at these hilarious memes about VR sex.

VR sex: The funniest memes about the strangest tech trend

Video games have never looked more realistic. The cameras on our cell phones can pick up more detail than ever. We can have access to hundreds of thousands in the blink of an eye. Every day, technology gets better and better. Between high definition porn and magic wand vibrators that can last for hours at a time, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that sex technology is better than ever. This includes virtual reality sex.

Some folks think VR sex is the way of the future, and they might be right. However, at this point in time, VR sex seems like something out of a sci fi movie. And, like with many things people don’t understand, it has become both joke-worthy and perfect to make into memes.

There’s a lot going on in the world and we’re all exhausted. That’s why we need more funny memes to bring a little levity into our lives. These VR sex memes and jokes will hopefully bring a little brightness to your day.

The future of dating?

If this is what dating will be like in forty years, then you can forget about it!

Um . . .

Do we even want to know what is happening here? Didn’t think so!

Rock on!

But what would it sound like? The world may never know!

You heard it here first

We had to move on eventually, right?

And now for some VR sex jokes:

Soon, Apple is releasing a VR headset specifically for porn. They’re going to call it the iFap.

Working from home is like VR porn. It looks like you’re doing something, but in reality, its fucking nothing.

I’m going to create a VR girlfriend simulator for Valentine’s Day. It shall be called E-Bae.

What is Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite VR sex game? Monopoly.

I just had the best sex of my life. Who knew VR porm was so realistic!

I used to have a lot of sex, but then my VR headset broke.

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