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Dipping your toes into the world of VR for the first time? Check out these great offerings for free! You'll never get bored being immersed in these worlds!

Visit a whole new world with these stunning VR Games for free

VR gaming has taken off in a big way. There was a time when VR felt gimmicky and looked cheap. After that came the era of inaccessible VR, locked behind expensive computers & headsets. Now we’re in the golden age of VR. There are still high-quality, high-priced headsets that jack into a computer, but you can now purchase a standalone VR headset for a couple of hundred dollars or get a VR add-on to your PlayStation. 

The best part about VR is its accessibility for developers. Everyone is trying to get in on the VR craze. There are dozens of new games coming out every week, and many of them remain free-to-play while they’re being developed.

If you’ve just gotten a new headset, or are considering getting into VR, here are the best free games for you to check out. 

Echo VR

This is the first game anyone with an Oculus headset should take a look at. Echo VR recreates the experience of the Battle Room from Ender’s Game. The difference? Instead of playing a war game, you’ll play jetpack-powered frisbee football within Echo’s zero-gravity arena.

You’ll work with a team of four other players to pass a Tron-esque disc through the opposing team’s light gate. Echo is one of the best competitive games in VR, and its servers are constantly active with other players. Echo VR is available across all Oculus systems.

VR Chat

This is a chaotic, freeform game in which you explore user-created “worlds”  that can be anything from a movie theater, to a race track, or even a relaxing seaside getaway. VR Chat was inspired by depictions of virtual worlds in science fiction novels, specifically the Metaverse from Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash

While VR Chat has a reputation for occasionally having some obnoxious players, this game isn’t something you’ll want to skip over. There’s no better way to get a wide variety of virtual reality experiences. If you’re at all creative and technically inclined, you can get to work building your own custom avatars and worlds. VR Chat is available through Steam and the Oculus store. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming – VR Experience

This game is more or less a demonstration of what a Spider-Man game in VR could be like. You’ll get to experience swinging through some of New York’s streets, and you’ll even get to defend the city from Spider-Slayers. 

The best thing about this game is its ambition. Clearly, there’s a lot of development that would need to occur for Spider-Man: Homecoming to be a full game, but for a short demo it’s still incredibly engaging. The mechanics feel smooth, and there’s nothing quite like being Marvel’s greatest hero in virtual reality. You can pick this game up through the Steam, Oculus, or PlayStation stores.

Tea for God

There’s good news and bad news with Tea for God. The bad news is that it’s only available on the Oculus Quest. The good news is that it’s the single most immersive game in VR right now. Tea for God is a roguelike with a procedurally-generated robotic city that is designed with non-euclidean geometry.

That last point is the game’s main appeal. While playing Tea for God, you’ll actually be walking around whatever space you have available. The game generates its twisting hallways to conform to your playspace, and you can go as big or as small as you like. It also supports hand tracking, so you can fully immerse yourself in the exploration and combat it offers. Get Tea for God from Itch & Sidequest. 

Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag is a new, rising star in the VR world. You and three or more friends play as gorillas in a tree-covered arena. Beyond that, the game is what it claims to be. You’ll climb trees, swing across branches, and run as fast as you can while playing tag. 

The graphics aren’t top-notch, but Gorilla Tag is pure fun. If you’ve ever found yourself missing childhood and wanting to run around a playground with your friends, this game is for you. You can get Gorilla Tag through Steam, Oculus, and Sidequest. 

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