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Want to relive your Tumblr days on #ThrowbackThursday? Dive into this iconic Tumblr memes to laugh the existential dread away!

Celebrate #ThrowbackThursday with these iconic Tumblr memes

Ah Tumblr. We just don’t know how to quit you. The site remains a place where people can, largely anonymously, post about their fannish interests with abandon. Of course, it can also be the oddest corner of the Internet. Like the time that Hamilton fanfic writer who claimed to have HIV/AIDS did not have that. Or that post about bones? It’s a weird place, but it’s given birth to some excellent memes.

Since it’s #ThrowbackThursday, we might as well indulge with some of the best Tumblr memes out there. They are legion with many iterations because Tumblr is a Leviathan of memes, after all. Let’s indulge in our Tumblr nostalgia, shall we? 

This is just who we are

We will always, in our heart of hearts, be shoving breadsticks in our purses.

Just the ways things are

Every person who identifies as female on Tumblr is a former weird little girl. We all were trying to have our Wednesday Addams phase of only thinking about homicide and raising the dead. And some of us never really grow out of it, tbh. 

If only summons a demon playing D&D, then it was probably by accident

Clearly everyone who hasn’t played D&D hasn’t seen Tumblr memes about playing D&D.

The “that was better than what I had” Tumblr meme

Sometimes, you come up with something better than the person making the post.

It’s what Tumblr is like

Listen, most Tumblr memes are about how Tumblr is a place for only the damned to go. And they aren’t wrong.

Only Ancient Greek kids understand

Buddy, pal, we have the internet. Even if a person doesn’t know who Oedipus is, they’ll know in like five seconds.

Tumblr ads are the most elusive of Tumblr memes

Tumblr . . . doesn’t have normal ads. Instead, we have ads like this. And no one will let us reblog them. Just . . . why does this exist? 

Welp we’re terrified

Behold, the biggest galaxy brain of threats.

You heard the Dairy Queen employee

We’ll go back into the mist and hang out behind the Dennys. Or Waffle House. Waffle House will not care.


Ha! Classic.

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