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'Sanditon' is never far from the forefront of our minds. Here are the best memes all about the 'Sanditon' cast.

We still miss the ‘Sanditon’ cast: The best memes from the show

Sanditon is never far from the forefront of our minds. It’s been over a year since we’ve had a new episode, but that doesn’t matter. The show is fantastic and one could argue that its fandom is even better.

Today we want to share our love of Sanditon, its cast, and its fandom by sharing all our favorite memes that have come from the show. Here are all the jokes that have made us giggle. (As a note the Sanditon fandom has a real knack of pairing perfect headlines from The Onion with stills from the show so a lot of our favorites are of this nature.)

Worst ending ever

Do we harp on the terrible ending of Sanditon? Sure, a little. But it’s because it’s true. The ending is absolutely tragic and since we fell in love with the entire cast of characters we very much want to see that happily ever after – for everyone.

Poor Esther

We love Esther. The poor girl deserves better and we’ll forever be grateful that she managed to get her happily ever after before the show was axed.

Not an *sshole

If Sanditon took place in a modern setting we could honestly see this exchange happening.

We’ve all been there

This meme is painfully relatable. We’ve all made that mistake. That’s why we watch period romances! It’s supposed to give us hope that things can work out, not break our hearts even more!

Please, watch the show

If there’s anyone in your life that you’ve been trying to get to join the Sanditon Sisterhood send them this little gem. The more people who fall in love with the show the better!

Tom Parker is at it again

We love Tom’s optimism, but dang he really is very good at getting himself into messes, isn’t he?

Young Stringer 😭

Have we mentioned how much we love each character & cast member? Someone please give Young Stringer a happily ever after too. He’s so sweet! He deserves to be happy!

When sh*tposts go right

This is a classic Tumblr post conversation and to superimpose it over this Sanditon scene delighted us endlessly with its absurdity.

Uh oh

Sanditon is totally family-friendly . . . until that one moment where it definitely isn’t. Whoops.

Beach or bust

Listen, if we’re going to be miserable we might as well be miserable in a pretty location, right?

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