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“Idiot sandwich”: Gordon Ramsay’s craziest meltdowns made into memes

Gordon Ramsay has carved out a place for himself in pop culture by being an extremely harsh mentor to aspiring chefs – and we love him for it. Ramsay’s no-filter frustrated outbursts are a wonder to behold, unless you happen to be on the receiving end of one of them, of course. Thankfully, most of us simply get to witness them via Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, or one of the other gazillion shows the reality TV star has.

Unsurprisingly, Gordon Ramsay’s tough love style of coaching has inspired countless Gordon Ramsay memes. We’ve gathered some of the best just for you, ding-dongs.

Love is an open kitchen

Gordon Ramsay may be pretty cold-hearted in the kitchen, but he’s also a family man – as many memes will remind us. It makes sense the tough-as-nails chef would have a soft spot for Disney movies and even reference them in his verbal assaults.

Raw deal

Anybody who’s somewhat familiar with Gordon Ramsay’s pet peeves can hear him yelling “It’s raaaaaaaaaaaaaw!” in their heads. To be fair, it’s a perfectly reasonable quibble to have when it comes to food.

Sick burn

We don’t really know if Gordon Ramsay is a religious man, but he’s certainly considered a god by his underlings.


There’s a much nicer – tender even – side to Gordon Ramsay, but it’s reserved for young contestants on his show. Everybody else gets Savage Hulk, unless they happen to be one of those rare adult contestants that truly impresses the demanding chef.

Dessert and then goodnight?

While Gordon Ramsay’s specialty isn’t baking – he usually has guest chefs to help with that – he can still be a mean judge when it comes to pastries.

Save the chicken!

Once again, everyone together: “It’s raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww!!!!”


You could argue the best Gordon Ramsay memes are the ones that give us an imaginary glimpse into the chef’s nerdy side. Can you picture Gordon Ramsay binging every season of Dr. Who?

Wonderful phrase

This is super cute & all, but raw pork can kill you faster than Pumbaa’s gas.

What’s a sandwich-head?

Something else Gordon Ramsay memes capture is his penchant for quirky name-calling. “Panini head”? That’s the kind of insult you’d roll your eyes at . . . if it wasn’t coming from the man behind Hell’s Kitchen.

Maybe it just needs salt

This “beef eating salad” joke is pretty funny, but it also got us thinking about a potential match-up to end all match-ups: what if Gordon Ramsay had to judge Salt Bae’s food & kitchen etiquette?

Drive-thru rage

Everybody can access their inner Gordon Ramsay if the right buttons are pushed.


Not all Gordon Ramsay memes are negative. Much like in real life, every now & then you run into one that gives you hope.

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