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Are you dying to eat at a Salt Bae restaurant? Trust us, you're a meme away from changing your mind. Laugh with these online reactions to the chef's moves!

Salt Bae is leaving Twitter feeling insecure: The tastiest memes are back

Few things equal the experience of having a sunglasses-wearing chef sprinkle salt on your food by letting it roll down his arm. That seems to be one of the main appeals of Salt Bae, at least according to every other Salt Bae meme out there. The other one is letting the popular restaurateur sensually feed you meat while your shocked boyfriend watches.


Oh yeah. Check out the original video below and then enjoy every Salt Bae meme that was posted in response!

Viral meat

She doesn’t even break eye contact, friends. This is the kind of instant sexual connection you usually only see in romantic movies. You can tell her boyfriend noticed – and lots of Salt Bae meme-makers noticed too.

Inner pain

Society has conditioned men to keep their tears inside, even when Salt Bae & your girl are engaging in sexy meme-worthy acts.

Hold up

We bet it all looked fun & innocent when you were just watching Salt Bae videos online. Who could’ve expected a night out to turn into a night of unspoken debauchery? This is a true crime story in the making.

Eatin’ good

We’ve never seen any steamy videos of Applebee’s cooks seducing any of their customers so yeah, that probably would’ve been a better choice.


You know it’s bad when Batman’s rogue’s gallery is left speechless.

Get’im, Marge!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s a Simpsons meme for everything, including Salt Bae and his weak-kneed patrons.

Who’s bad?

Of course, for an even more aggressive approach to defending your woman, you can always look to the King of Pop.

Primal feelings

Then again, violence lives inside all of us. All it takes is one wrong choice when eating out and next thing you know, you’re a Salt Bae meme – and maybe also going to jail for assault.


Not every Salt Bae meme is about insecure dudes who can’t handle a sexy chef directly feeding their girlfriends. Plenty of Salt Bae memes are about thirsty girls wishing they were the stars of that viral video.


Told ya, those Simpsons memes cover every angle.

True villain

But seriously, do you think Salt Bae isn’t aware of his effect on his customers & their significant others? Is it all an innocent performance, or a sick scheme to emasculate certain people?

Health concerns

Yeah, how is that salt-sprinkling move sanitary? In this era of COVID-19 concerns, is Salt Bae wiping his arms down with Clorox wipes in between tables?


The real Salt Bae victims are the people who have to clean up after him and they deserve their own meme.

Welcome distraction

It’s human nature to laugh at others’ misfortunes so we can ignore our own.

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