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'The View' hosts are always good for a laugh. But how about a meme? Check out this classic new image of Whoopi Goldberg over a Meghan Markle hot take.

‘The View’ hosts are at war over Meghan Markle interview: The best memes

Other than this year’s Super Bowl, perhaps no TV event was as bigger and more anticipated than the Oprah Winfrey interview with Meghan Markle & Harry, which ran last Sunday night. In the interview, we saw Meghan Markle spill the tea on her in-law’s family and the difficult decisions she and Harry had made along the way. 

Almost immediately after the interview, the media went spiraling, dedicating all of their time & resources to covering the interview as well as giving their two cents on the issues discussed. This was, albeit a bit annoying, a refreshing new subject that had layers to it, unlike Tiger King which was the trending topic this time last year. 

However, one incident caught everyone’s eye as well as poked their funny bone, and it’s all thanks to the hosts of ABC’s The View. On Monday’s program, Meghan McCain said the following: “The American experiment is the way to go, and if we have two American women, Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey, who are single-handedly finishing what George Washington and our revolutionary counterparts did, I’m all for it.” 

The camera immediately panned to Whoopi Goldberg, who starred on with a deadpan look before uttering the simplistic phrase “OK”, seconds after McCains soliloquy . . . a new classic moment from The View hosts. Naturally, there has to be some good memes, right? 

The foundations of a meme

Here’s the original video as well as Whoopi’s face. Feel free to make up your own meme! 

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We’ve come a long way since #gamestonks.

Can’t take a joke?

Whoopi has really perfected her physical comedy.

Mute Meghan

To be fair, nobody mutes Britney . . . except maybe at her court hearings. 

Don’t be too James hard on yourself

The only thing that has James Harden less interested than defense is Meghan McCain. 

Whoopi finds new work

Now can we now please find a new meme that can replace Denzel Washington grabbing his chest before laughing, please? Just not with one of The View hosts, please . . . 


Tie goes to the person with the cooler glasses. 

Simply delicious 

The hosts of The View are always good for a laugh, even when they’re not trying to be funny. 

Kenan kills

Can’t wait to watch this as a sketch on the next SNL. 

Mean girl

I once saw Whoopi Goldberg wear Army pants & flip flops . . .

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