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Chrissy Teigen returns to Twitter almost a month after her retirement. Laugh at these tweets "celebrating" the return.

Chrissy Teigen returns to Twitter: Laugh at her so-called retirement

Oh Twitter, apparently Chrissy Teigen just doesn’t know how to quit you. Only a couple weeks after her so-called retirement from the platform, Teigen returned to the platform. The proclaimed Mayor of Twitter is back in her office. Honestly, it sounds like she needed a social media vacation rather than a permanent retirement. We’ve all been there, Chrissy.

Of course, as always, Twitter has thoughts. When does Twitter not have thoughts? Twitter has thoughts on everything which is why it’s a hellscape that we just don’t know how to quit. From the celebrations to the eye-rolling, we’re looking into Twitter’s feelings on Chrissy Teigen’s return to the platform. 

Did you feel a shift in the Force, Twitter?

The balance has been restored.


Is anyone else just tired?


It’s just a rotating door amongst the verified users, huh?

Laugh rule

Literally the only thing that lasted the same amount of time as Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter retirement was Michael Jordan’s baseball career. Yes, that really happened. It wasn’t just a plot point for Space Jam.


Now that’s what we call relatable.


Unimpressed staring time from the internet for Chrissy.

Bonding time

Honestly. We’ve never felt closer to Chrissy Teigen.

Valid but also

Listen, be real. Everyone on social media is, like, at least a little bit narcissistic. 

Cue the High School Musical soundtrack

Cheers bro! We’ll drink to that!

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