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Do you have a hilarious possible super villain origin story to share? Take a look at the amazing new hashtag that's trending on Twitter.

Want to hear a super villain origin story? Twitter’s making up their own

You have to wonder just how easy it is to go full on super villain. Like, how do you wake up to decide to take over the world one day? Is it because of the road to Hell being paved with good intentions or is just that people want to cause wanton chaos? 

Well, Twitter is contemplating their own super villain origin story. So, we’re going to share some of our favorites for you to enjoy!


This already exists

Insert joke here.


Excuse you

Don’t speak ill of Simone Biles.



Frog villain.


No origin just birth

Sometimes, you are just sort of born with the super villain vibe.


We can see it



It’s Gru!

A+ reference.



Older sibling syndrome.



A villain to the people that love you.


This happened before . . . 

Isn’t that the plot of Joker?


We were all expecting this one.

It’s amazing that Charlie Brown has never turned evil.

What’s your fave supervillain origin story? Let us know! 

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