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What's the best way to cope with 'Stranger Things' withdrawals? Memes, of course! Kill time until season 4 by laughing at these internet creations!

Travel to the Upside Down with these ‘Stranger Things’ memes

Nope, no Stranger Things season 4 this week. We’ve checked. However, we found plenty of Stranger Things memes to help us pass the time until our favorite 80s nostalgia-fest comes back. So sit back and enjoy the memes version of “Previously on Stranger Things”!

My people

Believe it or not, as popular as Stranger Things is, there are still lots of unfortunate souls who’ve never watched the show. (What do they do when they run into Stranger Things memes? Not laugh?) Some of these poor folks might even be part of your own family!


Joyce Byers would’ve won our hearts even if she wasn’t played by 80s/90s icon Winona Ryder. That’s because Joyce goes above & beyond when it comes to being a mom. Of course, that sets quite the standard for the rest of us.

Oh, burn

Over the course of three seasons, Stranger Things hasn’t just provided us plenty of memes, but also plenty of iconic lines. Mike & Eleven’s preferred insult during season 1 is an easy crossover pick for those frustrating Zoom calls that seem to plague our lives these days.

Character growth

Ah, Steve. The star of most Stranger Things memes. Initially introduced as an obnoxious popular bully, Steve has evolved into a beloved underdog that can’t seem to catch a break while everyone else around him gets significant others. Hang in there, Steve! You’ll get your groove back in season 4!

Mama Harrington

Told ya’ the internet loves Steve. Honestly, by the time we got to season 3, you could argue he was giving Joyce a run for her money when it came to responsible parenting.

Russian appeal

Season 3 showed us there’s more than just bad guys in 80s Russia. The slurpee-loving Dr. Alexei was introduced as an antagonist, but a few episodes later we found ourselves weeping at his untimely demise.

Magnetic personality

Three seasons of Stranger Things in, the Duffer Brothers were smart enough to give Joyce Byers something else to do besides worrying about Will’s health. Joyce’s interest in science is the kind of thing most people could stand to emulate.


Look, there’s nothing wrong with loving Oreos (unless you’re talking about the weird flavors). That said, there’s such a thing as manners – especially when you don’t live by yourself. Who needs etiquette coaches when you have Stranger Things memes?

New Coke divide

The cast of Stranger Things is made up of so many different characters & personalities that you can trust them to never quite be on the same page – that’s what makes the ensemble so interesting!


We’re gonna be honest: this never crossed our mind, and it’s pretty genius. As if we didn’t love this (platonic) couple enough!

Wishful certainty

Remember the days when we didn’t know for sure if Hopper had survived the end of season 3? Stranger Things memes became just one more avenue for convoluted “Hopper Lives!” theories . . . and some even turned out to be correct!

No duh

How could we close with anything else? This is us. We know it’s not the Stranger Things team’s fault, we know it’s all due to COVID-19. Still, we’re only human – and our patience ran out halfway through last year’s quarantine.

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