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Follow Sebastian Stan on Instagram? You will once you read this story. Put your glasses on and take a peek at the reactions to the actor's latest post!

Sebastian Stan bares it all for his Instagram: See the best reactions on Twitter

Sebastian Stan certainly knows how to start the week, at least as far as Instagram is concerned. The Winter Soldier regaled his fans with a cure for the Monday Blues when he posted a photo of his naked butt as a way to promote his upcoming movie, Monday.

Obviously, that’s a censored version of the photograph. But if you want to see The Winter Booty in all its splendor, you can check out Sebastian Stan’s Instagram account . . . or you can just log on Twitter, where Bucky Barnes is trending for more than one reason – graphic posts included.

Speaking of Twitter, here are some of the reactions to Bucky’s behind to be found online. All we can say is: congratulations, Sebastian Stan – you owned Instagram today.

Graphic surprise

If you don’t follow Sebastian Stan on Instagram, you probably thought his name was trending on Twitter thanks to some MCU stunt. Imagine clicking on a hashtag expecting to see a cool preview of the next episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and instead finding . . . Bucky butt.


Was it Sebastian Stan’s naked derriere or all the lights surrounding it?

Is the A/C malfunctioning?

Dropping that photo as temperatures are already rising across America is borderline irresponsible.

Don’t tell Viz

After everything Wanda’s gone through, she deserves a break. We won’t judge her for ogling a fellow MCU castmate.

Total eclipse of the Stan

We can extrapolate those shadows to match the Winter Soldier’s exposed area.

Say cheese

There is a very wholesome side to Sebastian Stan that might be getting lost in all this Instagram hubbub.

Full Patrick

We think the key difference between SpongeBob’s wacky world and the MCU is Sebastian Stan didn’t go full frontal on Instagram. At least not yet.

Genius marketing

Really, the only thing that’s missing from that trending notice is that peach emoji next to it.

Winter giggles

You know you can picture Sebastian Stan, finger hovering over the Instagram screen, having a grand ol’ time even before posting the photo.

On your left

It’s quite possible Sam Wilson has finally gotten over Steve Rogers and can appreciate Bucky’s potential as America’s new @ss.


Is this emoji a thing? If not, can it be a thing? And can we make it Winter-Soldier-themed?


Oh, no. Always keep your Sebastian Stan Instagram photos in a completely separate folder from your coupons. That’s a rookie mistake, girl.

Are you more likely to check out Monday thanks to this little bit of guerrilla marketing from Sebastian Stan? Let us know in the comments!

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