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A Robbie Williams biopic is coming soon to a theater near you, but that doesn't mean people want it. Check out all the best Twitter reactions here.

Twitter is dragging Robbie Williams over his biopic: The best tweets

A Robbie Williams biopic is coming, and of course, folks on Twitter have already made it clear how they’re feeling about it. The upcoming film titled Better Man will be directed by The Greatest Showman director Michael Gracey, and will be a fantastical movie about the coming of age of singer & songwriter Robbie Williams. 

Deadline reported that it “tells the story of Williams’ ascent, exploring the experiences that made him who he is, and the demons he battled both on and off the stage as he became a huge star on the back of hits like Angels”. Gracey announced that his approach to the movie will be for it to represent “its harsh reality all the way to these moments of pure fantasy”. 

So what does the internet think about the upcoming Robbie Williams biopic so far? Well, no other announcements or leaks have dropped since, but the jokes surrounding this new film have already begun. Scroll through to check out all the best Twitter reactions we’ve found here. 


Some folks were genuinely excited for the upcoming Robbie Williams biopic and have already begun requesting who to cast. Do you also believe James Acaster looks similar to Jarvis? Let us know in the comments. 




One person took the opportunity for this announcement to make a jab at Robbie Williams for his lack of participation & effort at his own concerts. Good one. 

Blame it on the pandemic

Some were quick to say this upcoming Robbie Williams is a horrible idea, and blamed it on the lockdown driving everybody mad. 

The last straw

One user even tweeted that Brexit was one thing, and the COVID-19 pandemic was another . . . but a Robbie Williams biopic??? The world should just end right here, right now. 

Guilty pleasure

Some though, admitted that they would shamefully be sitting front row on opening night. 

“The foulest depths”

Ooh, this one’s just a little too harsh. 

Turning into “Angels”

There certainly are one too many death jokes in these Robbie Williams tweets.

They clearly did not think this was a good idea

Who knows? Maybe in a few years, we’ll see Disney promoting a new film called “Sharkface on Mars”. 

But why? 

This is clearly how many people felt today just looking through the Twitter reactions

“Let Me Entertain You”

Some just wanted to make sure the film had a good enough name, but apparently they couldn’t even get that. 

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