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Transitioning from high school to college can be a challenge for many. Check out our painfully relatable memes comparing them.

High school vs. college professors: The funniest memes comparing the two

Transitioning from high school to college can be a challenge for many, while others find the freedom & stimulation of higher education to be endlessly refreshing. Whether you adjust to college easily or not, the difference between higher education & highschool is stark and nowhere more present than in the classroom.

High school teachers are tough, and they all warn you college professors will be even tougher. However, many find that upon arriving on campus, these intimidations about college professors fall flat, and students often take to Twitter to express their impressions on their new educators in the form of memes. We compiled our favorites below that show the difference a year can make.

Famous last words

Highschool teachers teach discipline along with consistent warnings about how students won’t be able to get away with their unruly behavior in college. However, college professors are usually, well, mad chill. This meme says it all.

From the way high school teachers describe college professors, you’d expect to receive emails that look like summons. This meme shows college professors speak students’ language.

High school teachers tell their students college professors are no nonsense. So why are college students getting their homework assignments in meme form?

Meme education

Speaking of memes, it seems one of the trademark differences of high school teachers & college professors is the use of memes in the classroom. As this pick shows, memes are the language of the student.

Sometimes college professors even ask their students to make memes for class credit. This certainly wouldn’t fly in high school.

That was then; this is now

College can be mind blowing when college professors get into revisionist history and unpack certain overlooked aspects of academic subjects. This meme captures the difference between American history class in college & high school.

High school teachers use the whiteboard to lay out notes for students to copy. College professors use it as a reference point and sometimes get a little animated in lecture. Don’t worry about the board – just pay attention.

High school can feel like a prison, and teachers are like guards who set you free at their will. College professors, on the other hand, sometimes want to leave even more than you do.

Students want to know who their high school teachers really are, and catching them in the grocery store after school hours is like seeing an animal in the wild. College professors, though, need to dial back their oversharing a little.

Sometimes college can feel like a downgrade, like when college professors make you get rid of your beloved graphing calculator and put your math knowledge to the test. Sorry buddy, we told you that kind of stuff wouldn’t fly in college.

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