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If the iconic 'Danganronpa' game is one of your favorites, then we've got something special for you. Scroll and laugh along at all the best memes here.

‘Danganronpa’ remains iconic: The best memes from the game series

The hyped video game series Danganronpa is as eccentric as it gets, mixing webtoon-style visuals with adventure, shooter, and murder mystery elements of typical video games. With a multitude of intriguing characters, Danganronpa gives way to some hilarious & shocking memes. 

Danganronpa became widely successful with a game trilogy, some spin-off games, and even a few manga & anime adaptations. With the video game’s virality, it’s inevitable not to have playful Danganronpa memes surrounding the internet.

Take a look at some of our favorite Danganronpa memes!

“F2020” 😪

Nagito Komaeda is a wildcard character who’s “so obsessed with the idea of hope that he’s willing to let some pretty awful things happen if it means achieving that ideal.”

 The eccentric character & meme perfectly capture how 2020 felt for many of us. 

Taylor Swift ft. Danganronpa

No one portrays unrequited love as accurately as Taylor Swift & this Danganronpa meme.

Long a$$ names

Danganronpa is notorious for having wildly long names of which the fans always poke fun at. 


Being the first murder in Daganronpa class trials, Kaede made a mistake that cost her life. This meme’s all about being a risk-taker who’s bad at calculating the risks. Can you relate yet?

Dark side

The thriller mystery video game often makes you discover & give into your dark side no matter how much you resist it. 

ID, please

While the characters are all “classmates” to each other in the game’s storyline, most of them don’t look the part. 

Danganronpa insomnia 

Well, it’s safe to assume the game will keep you up at night – one way or another.

Random af

The quirky game is just as random as it’s organized. Long-time Danganronpa players suggest it’s better not to try to understand the game and to go with the flow.

2D vs. 3D

Though some game sequences employ 3D animation, most of the game unfolds in 2D style with the characters standing awkwardly and looking aloof during the course of the game. Of course, fans of the game had to clown this particular comedic trait of Danganronpa


An iconic meme of Danganronpa V3 is of the robot character Keebo. One of Keebo’s hilarious responses to anything asked about him being a robot is in his words “robophobic”.

Did we miss any of your favorite Danganronpa memes? Let us know below!

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