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What more could we have asked for this weekend other than Brad Pitt kicking off the Super Bowl by narrating a commercial? Check out the best reactions here.

Brad Pitt’s Super Bowl commercial: The best reactions to the best voiceover

“Once upon a time . . . “, the appropriate beginning to this year’s Super Bowl introductions, a gripping & powerful opening that saw Brad Pitt as the narrator, coming off of his first Oscar win for his supporting role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. This just might’ve topped any Super Bowl commercial we saw this year.  

Last year, we watched Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson give an electrifying introduction to both the Kansas City Chiefs & the San Francisco 49ers, almost as energetic as his WWE persona. This year was a different change of pace, as there truly was a powerful narrative & meaning behind Super Bowl LV as Pitt’s narration so perfectly spoke on. “The greatest of all time vs. the greatest of right now.” 

Brad Pitt’s silky & smooth voiceover was the perfect way to open Super Bowl LV, as his experience in Hollywood might actually be comparable to Tom Brady’s run in the NFL. Equally, this Super Bowl fits the overall message of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which saw a once leading actor succumb to supporting roles due to his aging career.

It was a beautiful opening that, in our opinion, triumphed over any other Super Bowl commercial, as Twitter seems to think highly of this commercial as well. 

Pitt on the mic

Brad Pitt needs to hit that recording booth more often . . . just not in any more Megamind or Happy Feet films, please. 

The voice of reason

Brad Pitt understands what it takes to have a successful career backed with longevity. He was able to get many on Brady’s side before the coin flip even took place . . . that’s impressive. 

Aspire to inspire

Brad Pitt nailed this Super Bowl commercial, painting a beautiful picture of what this game means in terms of quarterback legacy, and finding a way to do as such without all the screaming antics we see in most sports “hype” videos. 

Emmy bound? 

Looks like the Emmys are going to need a third night of awards if spots like this become contenders. Besides, if Brad Pitt didn’t earn an award for his supporting appearance on Friends then no way he gets one for this Super Bowl commercial! 

Not all were fans

Morgan Freeman can’t do every voiceover, people. He’s not God! 

Wait . . . 

More eyes on the prize

Ladies, no need for Super Bowl puzzles & gossip as you prepare the food for the boys any longer.


Let’s just let Brad Pitt be the new Walter Cronkite. With a voice as smooth & impactful as Pitt’s, maybe he can convince the rest of the U.S. to put on a mask and actually care about the current global pandemic. Right? 

Tip your hat

We got to tip our hats to CBS . . . picking Brad Pitt to record that narration was a stroke of genius. So much so in fact that it sparked fifteen-minute Brad Pitt conversations in every household around the world. 

I’m sure it was the same old heated debate. The guys argue that Fight Club is his best movie ever, while the women trash on Mr. & Mrs. Smith because it’s the film that ended his relationship with Jennifer Aniston. 

What are your thoughts on Brad Pitt’s narration during the Super Bowl LV introductions? Were you as shocked as we were to hear his voice? What is your favorite Brad Pitt performance? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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