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The dingy transport hub Penn Station in New York we know will be gone come 2021. Here are the best reactions to the long-awaited renovations.

Goodbye Penn Station: The memes mourning the New York City hub

Everyone and their mother knows about Grand Central Station in NYC. The landmark station has been romanticized in nearly every TV show or movie set in New York. But those who live in the city or travel frequently know the true New York landmark is Penn Station. 

Located next to Madison Square Garden, Penn Station is the main transport hub in New York, with NJ Transit, Amtrak, and Long Island Rail Road running through the station. Running mostly underground, the station is known for being not so attractive, with a confusing layout for travellers. 

However, the Penn Station we know and deal with is gone come 2021. The Moynihan Train Hall will expand Penn Station, offering skylights and more concourse space for travellers. While this is a much-needed improvement, many are mourning the trashy station that once was. Here’s the best reactions to the long-awaited renovation of Penn Station. 

Dingy no more

If you’ve never been to Penn Station, imagine a normal subway station except huge, considering it’s the largest train station in the Western Hemisphere. 

Part of the New York experience

Any New Yorker can tell you a horror story of being stuck in Penn Station. You’ve never truly been to New York if you don’t have some harrowing tale of barely making your train thanks to Penn Station’s awful layout. 

Drunk antics will continue

The new Penn Station will probably be trashed by the middle of January knowing how Long Islanders visiting New York are. 

Good ol’ days

When Penn Station looked like Grand Central Station’s sister, New York was a happier place. 

Start of something new

If people are put off by the new renovation, they have to remember the change marks the beginning of long-awaited changes to the NYC transit system

Prayers for commuters

You have to have holy water & a rosary when walking around Penn Station if you want to make it to your train on time with no issues. 

Typical NYC behavior

Seriously, we’re not kidding. The new part of Penn Station will probably be trashed by the time COVID-19 restrictions are lifted because that’s just how New York is. 

Hope for 2021

Turns out, 2021 might not be as garbage as 2020, since New York is finally taking the time to make Penn Station good again. 

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