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It's the summer of Klarna Pay! Laugh your way through some of the best tweets about how Summer 2021 is Hot Klarna Summer.

The summer of Klarna Pay is upon us, according to these hilarious tweets

It’s hard to keep up with the cavalcade of new apps coming each month in the tech world at large, and this week isn’t making things any easier; social media is exploding with chatter about Klarna Pay, the new way to pay for goods & services online in easy affordable installments.

Klarna Pay comes along with a slew of similar services like Afterpay & Quadpay which allow its users to pay for big purchases in installments, often in four payments (i.e. Quadpay). The prospect of affording all subscribers’ wants & needs, right when so many goods & services are becoming available amid lifting COVID-19 restrictions has Twitter in a tizzy. 

Sunny days are coming with a vengeance this year, and according to Twitter’s onslaught of hilarious Klarna Pay tweets, forget about hot girls & white boys, 2021 is looking to be Klarna Pay summer. Check out the best Klarna Pay tweets we found on Twitter to get you in the mood to pay in fours.


Jet setting

Of all the Klarna Pay tweets raging through Twitter this week, plane ticket tweets are dominating. As countries begin to welcome new travelers, people are planning some much needed vacation time. Thanks to Klarna Pay, some will be booking in style.


So many of us have been away from our BFFs over the past year, and it’s time to start paying our besties a visit. Pretty soon, we’ll be looking like Beyonce in this tweet.


If you’re booking flights with Klarna Pay, make sure you have money coming in for all your payments – you don’t want to end up on a flight like this.


Those pumped to start using Klarna Pay are ready to look like fancy Spongebob when they show up to the airport. Time to shine up your monocle, folks.


Family vacation means multiple tickets, but with Klarna Pay, your brokest cousins might be joining you this summer.


Add to cart

Klarna Pay has some Twitter users ready to place some big orders this summer. With easy payments, many are ready to do their happy dance when the delivery guy shows up.


Some Klarna Pay users are ready to indulge thanks to their new service, delivery fees be damned.


Klarna Pay can’t come too soon for those just hearing about the service. Shut up and take our money!


Other Klarna Pay users are stoked to use the service to update their wardrobes. Be careful, folks – just because you can add to cart, doesn’t mean you should.


Klarna gang

Twitter is showing its true colors, as users are already taking Klarna Pay criticism personally. This tweet says what so many new Klarna Pay users are thinking: if you’re a hater, keep your thoughts to yourself.


If you’re too good for Klarna Pay, prepare to get this look from your local Klarna gang.


This tweet points out just how many weighty monthly expenses are paid for in installments. What’s the difference with Klarna Pay? Make sure you know how your crew is paying the bills before you throw Klarna shade.


Finally, once your local Klarna gang gets hooked, they’ll all look like Weezy in this tweet when a pay-in-full charge comes their way.

Are you on team Klarna or does the service sound too good to be true? Sound off in the comments below!

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