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'Joker' may have come out in 2019, but the internet has kept memes from the film alive and timely. Here's the best ones relating to current events.

These ‘Joker’ memes are timely and absolutely hilarious

What’s there to say about the character that’s plagued Halloween for the past decade? The Joker first appeared in comics in 1940, but the contemporary world knows him in a completely different way. 

No doubt, angsty comic book fans across the country bought into the mystique of the sociopathic villain when the Joker became Heath Ledger’s final role in 2008 with The Dark Knight – death came with the Joker’s most beloved portrayal, a perfectly goth turn of events for people who brandish Joker tats or even manipulate their face to look like him (see @jokerboyink on Insta if you dare).

With Ledger gone, studios scrambled to keep the character afloat in the public eye, and they mostly failed. Jared Leto got some headlines for his on-set antics as the Joker in 2016’s Suicide Squad, but his performance didn’t land and DC didn’t ask him back. 

'Joker' may have come out in 2019, but the internet has kept memes from the film alive and timely. Here's the best ones relating to current events.

‘Joker’ may have come out in 2019, but the internet has kept memes from the film alive and timely. Here’s the best ones relating to current events.

However, 2019’s Joker, a poor man’s Taxi Driver with a painfully hamfisted sentiment, somehow kept Joker relevance afloat with some of the most dumbfounding Oscar wins since 2004’s Crash.

The Joker hasn’t anything to do with the movies he’s in though: he’s an icon. Whether you love him or hate him, you’ve seen the movies he’s in and that’s what makes him perfect for the meme world. The Joker’s relevance still remains, best shown in the resurgence of Joker memes on Twitter. Check out some of the best Joker memes we could find.

Jared & Joaquin

Joker memes that make reference to Jared Leto’s Joker are always pretty scathing. This one buries the lead & lands with a punch. It’s one of the most inventive ways to call Leto’s Joker trash.

Sonic’s redesign for Sonic the Hedgehog after the trailer was released has to be one of Hollywood’s most hilarious & undisguised blunders. Remind you of other redesigns?


The recent Wall Street drama that’s flooded the internet has found a new home in Joker memes. Joker memes have never been more relevant as they pluck Jokerisms perfect for those sticking it to Wall Street in the stock market right now. Plus, this one throws shade to the latest Joker movie.

Joaquin’s Joker wasn’t let off the hook for Joker memes about reddit’s /wallstreetbets. Here’s one that captures the reddit bro stock market vibe.

Here’s another Joaquin Joker meme about the recent stock market news. GameStock shareholders will no doubt relate to this sort of new found enthusiasm for trading.

Depressed Joker

2019’s Joker is ripe with screenshots for depression memes. The sad clown doesn’t have it easy in Joker, and plenty of Twitter users can relate.

Has the weight of the world ever felt so heavy that even your most reliable comedy go-tos leave you completely humorless? This Joker meme is for you.

This meme isn’t exactly about depression, but introverted Joker sure looks upset when he’s put in a public setting. Social media is a different story, and during a pandemic, this Joker meme’s never been more relatable.

Vest memes

2019’s Joker gave us a certain outfit that has been riffed on all over Twitter. This Superbad crossover meme is one of the best & perfectly captures a true glow up.

Seinfeld fans are sure to crack up upon seeing this Joker vest meme addressing George’s late fiance & her unfortunate fate after sending out wedding invites (with the envelopes he picked out).

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