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If you have an HBO Max login, then you’re probably well aware that someone is having a rough day. Laugh at this hilarious intern blunder.

Have an HBO Max login? Here’s why you got that strange email

If you have an HBO Max login, then you’re probably well aware that someone is having a rough day. This morning, every HBO Max subscriber found an email from the company waiting for them in their inbox. The subject line was “Integration Test Email #1”, which was the first hint that no one was supposed to be seeing the email. The issue quickly became a top trending topic on Twitter. Users wondered why the company had sent the message until HBO clarified.

Hey, mistakes happen. Hopefully, HBO’s intern can withstand some internet teasing. Of course, some people out there are offering comfort and tales of their own embarrassing mistakes. If you’ve been borrowing your parents’ HBO Max login all this time, you can still join in on the fun. We’ve got a round up for you right here, as well as links to sites wpc2027.

Product launch

Amidst all the jokes, some are pointing out that this mishap could be HBO’s new strongest marketing tool. After all, how often is it that a streaming service is the talk of the town online? 

Could this apparent mistake really be the greatest marketing campaign of the generation?

Here’s the newest, breathtaking promo poster for Integration Test Email #1

It’s tough trying to avoid spoilers when hit shows start trending on Twitter.

Where’s season 2?

Integration Test Email #1 could just be the beginning of HBO’s newest hit saga. With all the buzz the email is creating, surely more people will grab an HBO Max login for themselves in order to catch the second round. 

After the success of Integration Test Email #1, there’s bound to be a round two, right? We’re still waiting for HBO to make the official sequel announcement.  

Optimistic viewers are hoping for a summer release, but most experts expect that Integration Test Email #2 won’t drop until mid-winter. We’re not even sure if production has started. 

So that’s why we should finally upgrade from Go to an HBO Max login. Smooth move, HBO, smooth move. 

James Gunn is just hoping HBO puts together a marketing campaign this slick for Peacemaker when it drops next year.


It’s not all jokes at the intern’s expense. Everyone messes up from time to time, and some Twitter users took a moment to offer a bit of comfort and solidarity. This is far from the worst mistake someone could make at their workplace, even if it is a painfully public one. 

Sure, it’s an embarrassing mistake, but at least this intern will live forever in our memories. 

Mistakes are inevitable in any job. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that our own mistakes don’t land in the public spotlight. 

Sure, there are worse things that could happen, but a hug would probably be appreciated right about now. 

Who hasn’t accidentally clicked “reply all” from time to time? We imagine that HBO’s interns will be double-checking all their work a little extra-carefully for the rest of the month. 

Did you get the email, or were you one of the sad few with an HBO Max login who somehow was glossed over? Let us know your take on this mistake in the comments!

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